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Enhance your lab management with our digital solution

Designed to empower you to focus on ​your next breakthrough, VisioNize® Lab Suite is your lab software solution for effective lab and maintenance management. One platform offering the following feature options:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Alert Notifications
  • Device Documentation
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Data Compliance
  • Lab Equipment Booking
  • Remote Updates & more

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The lab management platform VisioNize Lab Suite

Transform your Vision for daily Lab Life into Reality

Digitalization opens new possibilities in terms of efficiency and automation.

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Device Connectivity for Overall Lab Efficiency

VisioNize Lab Suite is designed to be a vendor-agnostic solution that works with varying degrees of connectivity with devices manufactured by Eppendorf and third-party suppliers.

VisioNize Lab Suite empowers you to focus on your next scientific breakthrough while…

  • Keeping an eye on your samples and device performance thanks to remote device monitoring
  • Pushing out notifications when a device run has finished or an error occurs
  • Reminding you of maintenance tasks for your lab assets
  • Offering easy access to all relevant device documentation including parameters


Secure your Samples

Can you calculate the cost of a device failure? Just think about all the valuable samples stored in your freezers or for how long samples need to be placed in incubators?

What if the person responsible for acting in case of a failure is unavailable or on a well-deserved holiday?

Don’t get caught off guard in the middle of the night.

Remotely monitor your lab device performance whenever you want in real-time and act quickly in the case of alarms, errors, or warnings thanks to precise notifications.

VisioNize Lab Suite users can set up notifications including escalation schemes*. Multiple users can be notified about a device alarm or error. Time delay can be added between escalation steps to a further user or even a group of users. The user interface is intuitively designed to give feedback if information is missing for completion of the notification escalation chain. 

Each user receiving the notification can acknowledge or reject the notification from their email or mobile phone directly. Acknowledgements are documented in the audit trail application with  time stamps and can support users working in regulated environments.

Simplify your Device Maintenance

As a lab manager, you are obliged to maintain all the lab equipment, avoiding device downtime in order to keep your lab processes going. How great would it be to had one tool supporting you and your lab? Free yourself from endless excel sheets listing all your lab assets and upcoming maintenance circles.

Never lose sight of all maintenance activities! Plan all upcoming one-time or recurring tasks in one platform – the VisioNize Lab Suite.

VisioNize Lab Suite users have a precise overview of all lab instruments including device information, for instance serial number, location, etc... 

They use one tool to plan all tasks for each and every asset in the lab, including third-party instruments. Tasks can be created that include a description, an assignment to the responsible person(s), and the time when it should be performed. Reminders are pushed to users before service is due. Each task is monitored in a status board (e.g., task status: in progress) and the performance is tracked in the audit trail to prove its execution for upcoming audits: Who performed the task? When was it performed?

Streamline your Internal Audits

How do you prove that your devices ran at optimal performance during your experiments? How can you save time and effort while maintaining rigorous documentation?

Data compliance and regulatory integrity are crucial in many laboratory environments. As a lab or quality manager, one of your responsibilities is to ensure best practices in the lab

Receive support for your audit preparations with VisioNize® Lab Suite and eliminate your paper-based documentation by switching to one platform for you and your lab. Quickly retrieve all relevant information from one source.

VisioNize Lab Suite users fulfill their compliance needs by having precise documentation of all device-related parameters and easy access to device documentation, such as operating manuals, SOPs, and more. 

VNLS not only documents device parameters. All user interventions, alarms, and errors are logged with a time-stamped record proving device-lifetime performance. All data can be exported with one click.

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VisioNize® Lab Suite Essentials

The Essentials plan covers all necessary aspects to get started to digitally manage the lab for increased sample safety.

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Email Notifications
  • Data Access for 7 days
  • Device Data Export
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Lab Equipment Booking

Please note:

This plan already includes the license for 3 connected devices right from the start.

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VisioNize® Lab Suite Sample Safety+

Be confident about your sample safety and guarantee smooth operation around the clock with the Sample Safety+ plan.

Enjoy the enriched feature set in VisioNize Lab Suite for more convenience!

  • All features of Essentials plan
  • SMS Notifications
  • Data Access for 90 days
  • Responsed-Based Alarm Escalation
  • Audit Trail

Please note:

The total price is based on no. of connected devices.

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Choose the plan that works for your and your labs needs. Compare both plans by downloading the overview.

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Detailed plan comparison

Find out more about our plans in the detailed plans description below.

Here you can find our VisioNize Lab Suite Terms & Conditions.

Security Measures Supporting VNLS

Learn more about implemented standards and policies supporting the security of and preventing unauthorized access into VisioNize Lab Suite.


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Be Confident in Performance

Balancing maintenance cycles and the availability of your centrifuges for upcoming experiments can be a burden. Why not using a digital solution to book and manage your processes smarter? Learn more about the benefits of connecting your centrifuges to the VisioNize Lab Suite.


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Be Confident About Your Sample Safety

What is the cost of leaving your freezer door open? Why not considering sample monitoring software? Discover the benefits of connecting your freezer fleet to VisioNize Lab Suite.


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Be Confident About Your Cell Culture Conditions

How can you ensure optimal cell growth conditions? Meet the complex demands in cell culture lab now and in future. Discover how easily you can prove constant growth conditions in audits and publications with VisioNize Lab Suite.

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Be Confident About the Growth in Motion

Monitor your biological shakers from anywhere with VisioNize Lab Suite and track all related device parameters*, such as temperature, speed as well as remaining program runtime.

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Be Confident With Every PCR Run

What happens when your booked cycler completes the run but and you forgot about your running experimentation? Worry less thanks to VisioNize Lab Suite. The digital solution can help you to establish productive user habits.

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Learn more about the VisioNize Lab Suite and the benefits of connecting you and your lab.

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Data management and performance monitoring for future-proofing the laboratory

Listen to Kilian’s experience using VisioNize Lab Suite for remote device monitoring and data logging.


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