Complementary products for your lab

Please find below a list of our sales partners who distribute complementary products for your lab.

CleanAir by Baker

Professionals in laminar flow and microbiological safety workbenches

CleanAir by Baker designs and produces high-quality microbiological safety workbenches and laminar flow systems for numerous markets and segments. Our workbenches are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, (academic) hospitals, research laboratories, plant breeding and the food industry, but also in various technical applications. You can find us wherever the protection / safety of people, products and the environment against micro-organisms, viruses and dust particles is necessary. All our products are created in close collaboration with you.


VILBER LOURMAT is a leading life science company that develops and manufacture imaging and analyzing systems for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence applications.

Since 1954 VILBER has pioneered the post electrophoresis market and introduced breakthrough products such as stand-alone gel-documentation, Bio-1D imaging software, Super-Bright UV technology, dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system and 3D approach to 1D gel analysis. Products are intended for research only and are most broadly used in DNA and protein research laboratories. Customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as universities, medical centers, government research institutes and agencies worldwide. Through a network of owned subsidiary offices and local distributors located in over 80 countries around the world, VILBER offers a broad range of imaging products for the life science research.