OEM Consumables

Eppendorf - When quality counts


  • Having our own production facilities means that each one of our consumables is manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • By our selection of the best plastic materials and ISO-9001- certified production processes, our disposables maintain ideal wetting properties and boast of high transparency and certified purity levels.


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Plates - as individual as necessary

We have the technology to respond to the requirements of the market: Deepwell-plates (DWP) or Microplates (MIP), PCR or Cell Culture Plates, perfect fit to automated applications.


Provided with automated barcodes their use is flexible and trouble-free: typically customized by Eppendorf.

Tips for automated dispensing

Countless workstations in the world work with Eppendorf customized tips, conductive and nonconductive. According to your requirements you can choose from generic tips or your own design. Customer–specific solution packaging are stackability, specific dimensions, dedicated purities and surface coating. A lot of modifications are feasible.


Eppendorf is also well-known for its famous tubes (“Eppi”) and meanwhile offers a large range of storage and cell culture consumables: Please feel free to request your customized solution.

Eppendorf has a history of 40 years in plastics development and production. You can rely on outstanding quality, no matter whether Eppendorf brand or OEM.