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We know it can be a struggle to integrate custom design diagnostic components.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are looking for precision engineering, understanding and expertise – you’ve come to the right place.

With Eppendorf OEM, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience in the manufacture of premium-quality components as well as our deep scientific domain understanding.

With you every step

Our OEM specialists work with you at eye-level, expert-to-expert, all the way from initial brief and prototype to the commercial production of your high value plastic consumables.

At every stage, you’ll find our recommendations are focused on building-in reliability, profitability and ease, to support your real-word IVD and diagnostic needs:

- Material selection
- Process refinement
- Global market compliance
- Worldwide logistics
- Vertically-integrated supply chains

We’ve been helping some of our customers smooth the path to OEM success for more than twenty years.

"Become a partner at eye level with Eppendorf OEM and benefit from premium quality made by Eppendorf. We offer you the opportunity to jointly develop a solution tailored to your requirements regarding documentation, regulations and change notifications."

Eva van Pelt.
Co-CEO & Chief Commercial Officer

Quality down to the tips

Using only the purest raw materials and performing quality and functional checks throughout the entire production process, Eppendorf OEM products always come with premium quality.

Since our production is fully automated, contamination is reduced as far as possible.

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ISO-certified for your confidence

Eppendorf is certified according to world recognized and accepted ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 standards.

This gives you the confidence that all processes in product design, manufacturing and marketing are defined and monitored in order to ensure consistent products and services.

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OEM man with laptop viewing ISO certifications of Eppendorf OEM for customized solutions.

Case Study: More Than 25 Years of Partnership – Trust Our Expertise

Discover how Eppendorf OEM experts worked with the market-leader in laboratory automation to develop a win-win business model and 25-year partnership. Trust Our Expertise.

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High quality products + lower lifetime costs = Eppendorf OEM

Instrument and consumables design changes, even very minor ones, can have a big impact on the success of numerous applications in diagnostics and life science research. In some cases, an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) custom solution can overcome the limitations of existing designs and make new assays and analyses possible.

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Sample integrity
is paramount

Once lost or compromised, a sample is gone forever. Often additional samples cannot be retrieved or only with substantial costs or time delays. Thus, sample integrity is paramount. It must be established and maintained throughout the workflow. Making compromises, even in a single workflow step, can jeopardize your sample and the entire result.

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Are you interested in partnering with Eppendorf OEM? Are you searching for a partner to develop your product? Or did you just not find what you have been searching for in a product yet?

Let’s get in contact and see, what we can do for you. Our OEM experts are happy to verify your request.

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1. What means OEM at Eppendorf?

OEM means a private label, either custom or a standard product with customer specific requirements, likely to include a customer logo or trademark. But it also means excellent service, cooperative partnership at eye-level, to benefit from high tech, digital clean-room production and long-term partnering.

2. Are all OEM products custom-made?

Eppendorf OEM products are created specifically according to customers requirements but they are not necessarly fully customized. For example, a customer can have a serial twin-tec plate with their own logo.

3. What is the minimum quantity for OEM products?

Get in touch with our OEM experts to find the best solution for your project.

4. Does Eppendorf OEM have 510k for standard OEM products?

Eppendorf OEM does not supply 510k cleared products but can supply products for the purpose of a 510k submission. These are sold to customers as subcomponents of diagnostic tools. Eppendorf OEM can create IVD-ready products for use in clinical applications.

5. How is documentation secured?

As Eppendorf OEM manufactures multiple products under ISO 13485 and ISO 9001; good documentation practices in conjunction with our quality management system ensures compliance for customers looking to provide instruments or consumables into regulated markets.

6. What kind of documentation do you offer?

Depending on the product, full Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR) can be provided as part of a customers FDA submission. As this is heavily product dependent our experts will check and discuss the requirements with our customers upfront.

7. Does Eppendorf OEM offer IVD products?

Eppendorf OEM can supply IVD-ready products but cannot provide IVD approved products for OEM purpose.

8. What means scalable production for Eppendorf OEM?

Eppendorf OEM is expert in producing huge quantities (seven billion pieces a year) and is able to adjust to customer needs.

9. Do I have the power over my product and its components?

With an OEM product from Eppendorf, the customer has a great deal of control over the manufacturing and life span of the product. One of the biggest values is ensuring control over the materials (raw materials, coatings, components, etc.) and also timing of these manufacturing changes. An OEM product allows both the OEM customer and Eppendorf the critical time needed to manage product changes as they arise.

10. How does Eppendorf OEM ensure high quality?

Eppendorf OEM´s manufacturing facility is fully automated. This allows the production facility to place high quality optics and laser measurements to ensure each piece is made to the correct specifications. Additionally, Eppendorf OEM maintains specific know-how around high precision, high cavity and injection tools/molds. This allows us to ensure high precision manufacturing. 

11. Can I do private labels with Eppendorf OEM?

Eppendorf OEM has the ability to provide private label versions of not only off the shelf products but can develop fully customized consumables and in certain cases customized instruments.