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OEM Partnership: Three people talk about OEM products

Your OEM Partnership for your Product Solution

Eppendorf is recognized as a global leader for its high quality standards, innovative technologies and cutting-edge developments. Take advantage of our competence and decades of experience in developing OEM partnerships and manufacturing high-tech laboratory products. All our products are manufactured to premium quality standards as we have our own production facilities.

Eppendorf OEM is covering the full lifecycle as an expert partner from concept and design to production, logistics and beyond. Our services include:

Eppendorf OEM lifecycle in an OEM partnership
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If you want to know more about our services. Please contact our experts.


"At Eppendorf OEM, we take pride in delivering premium quality, a high level of  scalability and satisfaction with dependable solutions for our business partners. Our highly automated, ISO 13485 certified production facilities provide consistently reliable products through the entire life span of your solutions."

David Roy.
 Vice President Global OEM

Small changes make the difference – customized solutions and OEM

Eppendorf consumables are a synonym for quality and precision thanks to years of experience and most advanced manufacturing technologies. With our Customized Solutions we offer customized tips, plates and tubes tailored to your needs.

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What we offer

Eppendorf high-quality black pipette tips  black


Countless liquid handling workstations in the world work with Eppendorf conductive or non-conductive tips, benefitting from our high quality standards. According to your requirements you can choose from generic tips or your own design. Upon request, Eppendorf tips can also be equipped to comply with specific regulations (e.g. diagnostics, etc.).

Please send us your request or contact us for more information.

Eppendorf plate for PCR, MTP and DWP in a OEM partnership


Eppendorf offers a great diversity of plates: PCR, MTP and DWP. Provided with automated barcodes their use is flexible and trouble-free: typically customized by Eppendorf.

Whether you choose one of our standard products with a specific packaging or you need a customization, please contact us.


Eppendorf centrifuge and pipetting robot epMotion, customized in an OEM partnership


Eppendorf is also well-known for its famous Eppendorf Tubes® and offers a large range of consumables. But you can also choose from our variety of instrument configurations and cover your requirements for versatility, throughput, and speed (e.g. our epMotion® workstation).

Please feel free to request your customized solution.