First Year Anniversary Celebrations

High Speed & Ultra Centrifuges

High Speed and Ultra Centrifuges are highly reliable in life science and material science laboratories as they determine the quality and homogeneity of samples prepared for downstream research. From pilot scale proteomic research to production scale of vaccines, high speed centrifuges play crucial role and the same is true for Ultracentrifuges for applications from separating organelles to macromolecules and to nanoparticles. The extended portfolio of Eppendorf with Himac floor standing and ultracentrifuges offers the best choice for you to select a relevant and suitable solution. 

On the first anniversary for Himac centrifuges in India, we thank you for supporting us continuously and Joining us in this celebration!

To know about the available models, features and advantages.

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Another feather to the cap for Eppendorf, the Himac centrifuges. Your wishes are important for us on this first anniversary. Looking forward to your continued support.

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In Touch with Life!


High speed and large capacity floor standing centrifuges opened the new avenue for us to support customers producing vaccines and other lifesaving products. This fits exactly the motto of Eppendorf “In Touch with Life!”.

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Enhancing Separation Efficiency in High Speed and Ultra Centrifugation: Macromolecules, Cell Organelles, Viral particles and More.

High Speed and Ultracentrifugation are common and critical techniques in achieving the separation in applications relevant for life and material sciences. Understanding the complexity of sample, speed requirements, volume and outcome is very essential to have a more efficient separation. This doesn’t stop here but also involves the equipment, rotor, vessel and accessories used. 
Join our webinar to learn about our solutions and suggestions to improve your separation efficiency.

Badrinarayanan D

Regional Marketing Manager

Date & Time:
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. IST

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