1 EUR Donation to GEO Rainforest Conservation

1 EUR Donation to GEO Rainforest Conservation

Donate epPoints® – Protect the rainforest

Do something good: Donate your collected epPoints and support a project of the "GEO schützt den Regenwald e.V." (GEO Rainforest Conservation) charity. For 75 epPoints you donate 1 € to the charity. 

Eppendorf will transfer all donations booked at epPoints to the full amount to "GEO schützt den Regenwald". The money will be used directly for a project selected by Eppendorf.

Further information on the charity and the project currently supported by Eppendorf can be found here.

Important note: On ordering this reward, you explicitly forgo the epPoints to the specified amount with the aim that Eppendorf donates the equivalent value of the reward to the GEO schützt den Regenwald charity.Unfortunately, neither Eppendorf nor the charity can issue a donation receipt.

75 epPoints