Sample Integrity

Sample Integrity is Paramount

Once lost or compromised, a sample is gone forever. Often additional samples cannot be retrieved or only with substantial costs or time delays. Thus, sample integrity is paramount. It must be established and maintained throughout the workflow. Making compromises, even in a single workflow step, can jeopardize your sample and the entire result.


Sample integrity is dependent on three main elements:

  • Avoiding contamination
  • Minimizing unspecific binding of rare or selected molecules
  • Reproducibility of processes

Avoiding Contamination

There is a vast diversity of unwanted contaminants:

  • Target molecules, leading to false-positive results
  • Molecules with comparable characteristics in e.g. photometry, leading to false-positive results.
  • Reaction inhibitors, leading to false-negative results
  • Chemicals degrading the target molecules or cells, leading to false-negative results
  • Leaching substances from certain consumables

General Good Laboratory Practice is fundamental to prevent contamination. Additionally, the right products can help in this endeavor. Tight fitting tube caps, raised rims of plate wells, individually wrapped consumables, aerosol tight centrifuge rotors, powerful UV lamps, etc. all help to avoid contamination.

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Avoiding contamination

Minimizing unspecific binding of rare or selected molecules

Some samples are in low abundance from the beginning. Especially in these cases, it is crucial to retain as much as possible of your target molecule or cells throughout your workflow. Eppendorf consumables with low binding characteristics can reduce target molecule loss substantially.


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