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VisioNize® Lab Suite Frequently Asked Quesitons

General Product & Setup

What is the VisioNize Lab Suite?

VisioNize Lab Suite is a platform with a modular setup of services  to optimize processes in a laboratory related to organization, monitoring & maintenance of connected & non-connected lab assets for increased security, efficiency, transparency, compliance and convenience.

How does it work?

It is a cloud-based platform. By connecting lab devices you can remotely monitor the device performance, setup notifications for critial alerts and warnings, plan maintenance activities and much more.

How can I acces the VisioNize Lab Suite?

You can access the platform from any (mobile) end device e.g. smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Are all mobile devices supported?

All mobile devices (iOS and Android) are supported.

Can I use the platform from multiple locations with multiple users?

Two user roles are defined within the VisioNize Lab Suite. The Lab Manager (administrator) can add additional users to the platform. The users can access the platform from everywhere simulatanously.

What are the defined roles in the user management of VisioNize Lab Suite?

The Lab Manager can add, delete and update devices and change all related information within VisioNize Lab Suite. This role can add and delete user authentication. The user has read-only rights to device information, can generate reports and set up notifications.

What is the minimum recommended specification of user devices accessing VisioNize Lab Suite?

Any end device with an internet browser can have access to the platform VisioNize Lab Suite.

Does VisioNize Lab Suite require any software or driver installation onto end user devices?

Every device with internet access and a web browser can access the VisioNIze Lab Suite. There is no additional software or driver installation on end user devices needed.

Can the data be stored locally on a customer server?

The data are hosted in the VisioNize® Lab Suite. You can export device-related data by subscribing to the service "Device Documentation".

Is any additional IT hardware needed to connect devices and use the software?

VisioNize devices just need to be integrated into your local network with access to the VisioNize Lab Suite. No PC or server is needed to install the software.

Do I need a VPN connection to access the software remotely?

No, since VisioNize Lab Suite is a cloud-based software, you can access your data from everywhere with just an internet connection.


How can I subscribe to the VisioNize® Lab Suite?

You can subscribe online via

How does the subscription work?

You can configure the VisioNize® Lab Suite based on your needs and pay only for devices you want to connect and services you really need. Quarterly and annually subscription plan available.

How is the subscription set up?

First, choose VisioNize Primary Subscription Plan for three months or one year. In the next step, you add one VisioNize Device Connectivity per lab device you would like to connect to the platform. Lastly, you can enrich the integrated features by choosing from additional VisioNize Lab Suite Services.

Can I test the platform before subscribing to it?

There is a free trial for three months available. Check out the website or contact one of our specialists. They are more than happy to give you a demo. Contact us via:

Can I unsubscribe from VisioNize® Lab Suite?

Depending on your subscription runtime, you can unsubscribe anytime. You can also unsubscribe from the additional VisioNize Services.

What is included in VisioNize Lab Suite Basic?

The following services are included:

  • Manage unlimited number of non-connectable devices and their related data information including location​
  • Monitoring: Remote Monitoring of all connected devices​
  • Respond to issues quickly with email notification of warnings or errors from connected devices​
  • Access historical data: 3 months of data storage included
  • Remote updates for selected devices
Can I add further features to the platform?

Yes, you can book additional VisioNize Lab Suite Services to enrich your platform features with additional value.

Available VisioNize Services:

  • Alert+​
  • SMS (50/250) ​
  • Device Documentation​
  • Data Access+ (promo)​
  • Task Management

Device connectivity

What scanner do you recommend for Eppendorf data matrix code from Eppendorf ?

Honeywell Xenon 1900GHD-2 USB was used to scan and validate the software internally

Can I use QR codes to add device?

Eppendorf QR codes from production and service installed QR codes can be used to add devices easily into VisioNize Lab Suite. Competitor pipettes with QR codes installed by Eppendorf calibration service can also be used.

What lab devices from Eppendorf are compatible and can be connected?

The current list of compatible Eppendorf lab devices can be found here:

Can I connect non-Eppendorf lab devices e.g. refrigerators?

Yes, by using the VisioNize sense sensor monitoring kit you can connect any temperature-controlled devices e.g. freezers, shakers and incubators.

How many lab devices can I connect?

You can add an unlimited number of lab devices incl. non-connectable devices e.g. pipettes. You only need one device connectivity license per device.

Can pipettes be integrated via RFID chips?

RFID is currently not supported. Pipettes can be added via QR codes and scanners as well as the import of an existing documentation.

Does the VisioNize box and the VisioNize sense gateway router require a firmware update from time to time?

Due to further development updates might be required. These updates can be triggered remotely from the VisioNize Lab Suite.

How can I connect lab devices to the VisioNize® Lab Suite?

Have a look at the VisioNize® Lab Suite Setup Guide.

VisioNize Services

What are VisioNize Lab Suite Services?

VisioNize Services are additional services you can book within the subscription to enrich the integrated features of the VisioNize Lab Suite.

What can I do with Alert+?

Alert+ enables time & response-based escalation schemes & acknowledgement.

What can I do with SMS (50/250)?

Extending your notifications channels from email to SMS. Choose the quantity you prefer and purchcase a new bundle as soon as your SMS are consumed.

What happens when I run out of SMS?

You will receive a notification when you are about to run out of SMS. You can book the next bundle to top up your quantity.

What can I do with Data Access+ (promo)

This service activates unlimited access to all historical data when booked. It is currently offered as an introductory service in a six month free trial.

What can I do with Device Documentation?

This service enables access to the audit trail app as well as the export function. In addition, you get access to device-related documentation e.g. operating manuals, certificates and other SOPs with the document management app.

Is VisioNize Lab Suite CFR 21 Part 11 compliant or compatible?

Currently, data in the VisioNize Lab Suite cannot be changed, deleted or manipulated. Export to Excel is possible. Further features will be released to meet requirements for 21 CFR Part 11.

What can I do with Task Management?

This service enables planning of one-time or recurring tasks for all your devices. You can assign tasks to responsible persons, receive notifications when due and track the progress of each task.

Can I unsubscribe from the VisioNize Services anytime?

Yes, depending on your subscription runtime you can unsubscribe from the services anytime.

Is it possible to export data from VisioNize® Lab Suite?

You can export data. For now, only Excel files are possible but we are working on providing non-editable PDFs.

What kind of data can be exported?

The export includes historical values of all parameters, alarms and event data of connected devices.

Data Storage/Access

Where are the data stored?

The VisioNize® Lab Suite is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

How long do I have access to the data?

Three month data access is included in VisioNize Lab Suite Basic.

Can I extend the access to the data?

Yes, you can by subscribing to the service "Data Access+ (promo)". This will allow you unlimited access to the data of your connected lab devices.

I have unsubscibed from Data Access+ (promo). Is my data gone?

No, only the access is blocked. You can regain access by booking the service again.

In which countries is the data stored?

All data is stored in the European Union.

Is VisioNize Lab Suite a multi-tenancy or a single-tenancy software?

VisioNize Lab Suite is a multi-tenancy software. For every customer a dedicated tenant is generated to secure your valuable data from unauthorized access.

What user authentification does VisioNize Lab Suite support?

VisioNize Lab Suite uses Username (E-Mail Adress) and Password for user authentification.

VisioNize sense

For what can I use the VisioNize sense Temperature monitoring kit?

The sensor system is easy to install and routes the collected data to VisioNize Lab Suite. You can either utilize the sensor system as an additional independent probe for your Eppendorf freezers or to monitor the temperature of your non-Eppendorf freezers, shakers, and incubators.

What do I need in terms of sensors?

The VisioNize® sense monitoring kit is an all-in-one package including temperature sensor, evironmental monitoring sensors and a gateway router.

How many sensors can I connect with one VisioNize Device Connectivity?

One device connectivity is needed per device. A sensor counts here as device.

How do I connect the VisioNize sense gateway router and the sensors?

The VisioNize sense gateway router needs one ethernet cable to get connected to the local network. The gateway router connects wirelessly up to 100 sensors.

What temperature ranges are supported by temperature extension?

From -90° C to + 60°C.

What parameters can be measured in addition to temperature?

The following parameters can be tracked: ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness & motion.

Can the sensors be connected to an existing BMS system?

No, the sensors are intended to be connected to the VisioNize Lab Suite.

What is the range of the gateway router?

One router per room is recommended. The signal covers multiple rooms but depends on your building infrastructure. It is like your WiFi at home.