Eppendorf Moments

  • Steven Madias Jan 21, 2021

    I graduated from Miami University (OH) this past May and went into one of the most difficult job markets the world has ever seen. I was very discouraged in the beginning but I knew I had potential to find something, especially since I had a love for the laboratory environment/research field. After a couple months of constantly searching, I finally found an opportunity that not only was willing to take me in, but also had the laboratory environment I loved to be in. Since the beginning of October, I have been working in a COVID lab performing PCR testing and I have absolutely loved it. Our lab uses a variety of different companies for their supplies, but one of my favorite supplies that we use most often is the EP-Motion that Eppendorf provided to us. It has sped up my testing capabilities a lot because it allows me to apply lysis buffer to a multitude of patients at once rather than one at a time. It has definitely saved my team and I much needed time in our testing process, and allowed us to expand our testing capabilities, as I previously mentioned. That is just one of many reasons why I love Eppendorf and the supplies provided to us in the lab, and I look forward to any rewards given out from this amazing company!

    Year – when did this happen: 2020

    Location – where did this happen: Cleveland

  • Manna Jan 21, 2021

    First cold centrifuge in our lab, it made my life very easy!

    Location – where did this happen: Berlin

  • Su Jan 21, 2021

    When I first became a graduate student and learned pipetting plates, I thought it was amazing when I saw a multi-pipette. When researchers always came out on the news, the experiment scene was using a multi-pipette, so I imagined using a multi-pipette.

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: in lab

  • NA Jan 21, 2021

    I was surprised when I first saw the 5ml pipette and tips. This is because I thought 1ml pipette was the largest capacity. So I remember asking my senior if I could use it.

    Year – when did this happen: 2019

    Location – where did this happen: in lab

  • Gaurav Jan 21, 2021

    I am a big fan of Eppendorf products, I realized it very early in my research career that Eppendorf products have no match when quality, accuracy and reproducibility matters the most. So, I don't get surprised when I see or try something new from the Eppendorf. I always expect it to be the best among all and, there isn't any single incident so far that has changed my opinion! However, my Eppendorf moment was when we organized a short demo and presentation on "Pipetting: The Unexplored Aspects" in our department. It was an exciting conversation with Mr Gopala Krishnan and Mr Aditya from the Eppendorf-India and I got to learn lots of essential "tips and tricks" about the pipetting techniques and maintenance. I am thankful to them and the Eppendorf as their teachings help me in my everyday research and are central to the reproducibility of my experiments.

    Year – when did this happen: 2020

    Location – where did this happen: The Centre for Inflammation and Tissue Homeostasis (CITH), Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), Bengaluru, India

  • Elena Jan 21, 2021

    The first time I used an electronic multichannel pipette it was an Eppendorf - I was instantly in love with it! It was so effortless to process lots of plates, compared to the old manual pipettes I had been using, much more consistent, and so much easier on the fingers.

    Year – when did this happen: 2006

    Location – where did this happen: Aston Down, UK

  • RAJI BAIDYA Dec 21, 2020


     First time I had used Eppendorf's Multipette® E3x  and since then my life has changed for the better. Or should I say the life of my fingers and phalanges had changed. No more returning home with sore fingers and hands and no strain injuries due to repeated pipetting. Thank you for the product.


    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Australia

  • Bakt Dec 21, 2020

    It was my first time holding Eppendorf pipettes in the Molecular Biology lab it was amazing and easy to use and i enjoy pipetting every time i use it

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Ruhr Universität Bochum

  • Pawan Kumar Maurya Dec 21, 2020

    I was using a local made pipette for performing a HPLC assay my assay failed thrice. Then I borrowed an Eppendorf pipette from other lab. Even though that pipette was old but accurate. This is how Eppendorf helped me to achieve success in my experiment. Eppendorf means durable, reliable, accurate and reproducible. Just like the saying ' Diamond is for ever'' ''Eppendorf is for ever''.

    Year – when did this happen: 2007

    Location – where did this happen: Hyderabad, India

  • Julia Cabrera-Woscek Dec 21, 2020

    The day I found out that there were 5mL Eppi tubes in the market. I was shocked and wanted to find out how long I have miss it since the day they were in the market, Ohhhh, what a game changer for the lab! I was as excited (if not more) as if someone were giving me the news of their pregnancy. I told as many technicians from different labs at my work and most they did not know. I was so excited to buy the tubes that I forgot to purchase the racks in the same sale.

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Beltsville