Eppendorf Moments

  • Chiara May 25, 2020

    My "Eppendorf moment" was when I was a student at the University and in the biotechnology laboratory course I discovered and used an eppendorf pipette for the first time: it was love at first sight...and at first touch.

    At that moment I realized that I wanted to work in a laboratory for the rest of my life. Thanks eppendorf

    Year – when did this happen: 2003

    Location – where did this happen: University of Padova, Italy

  • Rohan May 25, 2020

    I have been using Eppendorf products since my PhD days in Mumbai, India. At the time when my friends in the US could have their "own set" of pipettes, here we had to share them in the lab. The same continued through my post doc as well.

    In 2015 i started my own company and the 1st thing I did was to get my "own set of Eppendorf" pipettes!! Got my full set of Research plus pipettes and they are "mine". This was also the first purchase order raised by the company.. that special are these pipettes!

    Eventually, i shut my company after 4 years and these pipettes stay as souvenirs at home of the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial phase... supported by Eppendorf!

    Year – when did this happen: 2015

    Location – where did this happen: Bengaluru

  • Gergely May 25, 2020

    First time met wit epMotion robot. Since then my life changed, because of that robot I started to work with automation systems. The epMotion series is what I like to use the most to demonstrate how efficient and how easily applicable a protocol with automation and opens up the door for more accurate and precise research and development in any field of scientific discipline.

    Year – when did this happen: 2010

    Location – where did this happen: Hungary

  • Kristie May 20, 2020

    Eppendorf's EpMotion5070 was my all-time favourite piece of lab equipment. For my first use in 2010 I was hooked. It allowed me to carry out RT-PCR on nearly 800 samples a day in a 384 well plate format. The PCR replicates were very tight and this instrument was very user friendly. I soon became a "superuser" and shared the benefits of this equipment with other students/staff. When I moved to UTS in 2018 I found that there wasn't an EpMotion in my research building, but fortunately I was successful in obtaining an EpMotion5073 via CAPEX funding in 2019. I am now the primary trainer for this instrument which has not only allowed for a more high-throughput workload but has also had profound OH&S benefits.

    Year – when did this happen: 2010 and 2019

    Location – where did this happen: Kolling Institute of Medical Research and University of Technology Sydney

  • Ryan May 14, 2020

    I was a PhD student working in a molecular pathology laboratory with a circa 1990's Eppendorf Mastercycler. I remember spending hours changing gradient conditions by 0.1 degree celsius to try and accomodate the necessary annealing temperature for all the primer sets to amplify a gene cluster. It took a long time to get right but it saved so much time in the long run.

    Fast-forward to 2010 and i moved to a lab in Sydney, Australia with the same model of Mastercycler. That instrument "died" last year and we have just replaced it with two brand new Mastercyclers. The relationship continues, although i dare say we won't make 75 years. Congratulations Eppendorf.

    Year – when did this happen: 2006

    Location – where did this happen: Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Sam Chapman May 13, 2020

    When being the new PhD student in our lab, we had 2 dry blocks. Our technicians loved them despite the fact that they had to pre-cool the blocks with tap water or in the fridge as the instruments were not able to actively cool. Our PI decided to buy an Eppendorf ThermoMixer for me which was ignored by our technicians for the first week as being too advanced. But then, they realized the fast heating and cooling ramps of the new instrument– far better than the old dry blocks. From then on, I had to fight for a time slot to incubate my samples for expression profiling :-D this is what I associate with Eppendorf.

    Year – when did this happen: 2007

    Location – where did this happen: Boston

  • Pauline May 13, 2020

    My Eppendorf moment, back when working in the lab: If I could not reproduce a result, I simply gave the protocol to a colleague, hoping that she or he can reproduce the experiment. By chance we found out that it was not the human error that was responsible for non-reproducible results, but rather our non-calibrated pipettes ... Thank you guys at Eppendorf for all the support within the last years!

    Location – where did this happen: Munich

  • George May 13, 2020

    Happy Anniversary and thanks Eppendorf for the Cell Culture Do´s and Don´ts videos!! Not only are they amusing, they also helped us a lot to optimize the way we work in cell culture and to think about details that we have not considered as a source of errors so far.

    Year – when did this happen: 2020

  • Helena Anderson May 13, 2020

    Do you know the voodoo of PCR? In the past, the PCR showed results on Monday, Tuesday rarely, Friday sometimes and never on a full moon. After we bought an Eppendorf cycler and I optimized my PCR using a gradient, the voodoo was defeated…! Happy Birthday Eppendorf

    Year – when did this happen: 1998

    Location – where did this happen: Copenhagen