Why are you a proud owner of an Eppendorf product?

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  • Gina Oct 18, 2021

    We recently had to order all new Eppendorf pipettes , single and multichannel. Until we received them I had to use another brand and when the new Eppendorf pipettes arrived I did a happy dance. After using another brand versus the Eppendorf I came to realize Eppendorf is by far superior then all the others.

  • Trang Le Oct 18, 2021

    Accuracy and ease of use, Eppendorf pipettes make me happy.

  • Nebojsa Ilic Oct 06, 2021

    I've been around different labs, and have used different pipettes. Somehow, every time i see "Eppendorf" written, i feel a sense of ease. There is just no comparison. I do not know what it is exactly that makes them stand out, but i've grown fond of the word "Eppendorf" and will always connect it to quality.

  • NATALIA Oct 06, 2021

    For me, to work with Eppendorf products brings me good memories of my PhD period.

  • Robert Oct 06, 2021

    Eppendorf products are accurate, trustworthy, very handy to use.

  • Laura Oct 05, 2021

    Eppendorf is a brand that you can trust. Good quality products with excellent customer service every time I call.

  • Christel Oct 04, 2021

    You can always count on Eppendorf products. They never let you down. Eppendorf : the best a lab can get!

  • Renee Oct 04, 2021

    The pipettes are so smooth!

  • Natasha madhow Sep 30, 2021

    I really like the product manufacture by Eppendorf. your product is reliable and dependable. In my QC lab we only buy and use Eppendorf pipette.

  • Cristiane Sep 28, 2021

    So reliable and precise products. A+ all the way.