Recorded webinar

Antibody Production: Tools from Start-to-Scale Up

With the advent of new diseases and infections, antibodies are becoming a powerful tool in fighting diverse clinical settings: oncology, chronic inflammatory diseases, transplantation, infectious diseases and cardiovascular medicine.
Antibody drug discovery involves more cutting-edge techniques for the research and development. It is slightly more complex than a typical drug development, primarily due to methodology like target assessment & validation, screening preparation, hit generation, screening & lead selection, lead optimization & characterization, candidate selection and further scale up in bioreactor.

Eppendorf portfolio uses the instruments which not only support specific aim but also support entire workflow, thus working as a complete bundled solution for the antibody production. Use of these packages from Eppendorf ensures reproducibility, lower lead times and complete hassle-free joy of ownership.
This webinar covers various aspects of antibody research and aims at reducing total time for the discovery.

Date & Time: Webinar took place on Thursday, July 15, 2021


  •  Dr. Abhishek Mule, Bioprocess Application Specialist, Eppendorf Asia Pacific Africa
  •  Ms. Lu Foong Teng, Technical Product Specialist, Eppendorf Asia Pacific

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