The New Innova® S44i Biological Shaker

    Eppendorf has helped scientists achieve better results for over 70 years. Now, we want to move your lab forward by moving shaker technology forward; we want to grow your lab by growing better cultures. The Innova® S44i Biological Shaker is the next great addition to our renowned portfolio of life science solutions.

    Your benefits:

    • Increased capacity and a smaller footprint
    • Vibration-free shaking even with uneven loads with the new Eppendorf X-Drive
    • Wide range of accessories and platforms to meet your every growing need
    • A VisioNize®-onboard device for easy connectivity

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    Grow More in Less

    Eppendorf has spent years designing the most space-efficient shaker we have ever made. Grow more cells in less space with exacting control.

    • 20% more capacity than Innova® 44/44R with a smaller drive and smaller footprint
    • Chamber easily accommodates 5 L Erlenmeyer flasks and a large variety of racks, plates, and vessels
    • Double and triple stack your units to take advantage of every inch in your lab

    Gain the Innova® Advantage: The new triple-stacked Innova S44i beats the triple-stacked competition with greater flask and load capacity! (based on published data)


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    Expanded Options

    From the smallest flask clamp to the largest rack, our extensive collection of accessories can be interchanged to give you the exact growing environment that you require.

    • Ten different universal and dedicated platforms that can be easily interchanged to quickly meet changing requirements
    • Integrated photosynthetic LED lights
    • Perforated static incubation shelf for incubating dishes
    • A VisioNize®-onboard device for easy connectivity
    • Refrigeration in a range of 20 °C below ambient to 80 °C
    • Both 2.5 cm and 5.1 cm orbits available

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    Eppendorf X-Drive

    The new Eppendorf X-Drive Shaker Mechanism is designed with the user in mind. It is precisely engineered to provide the smoothest and most consistent shaking at high speeds and during round-the-clock operation.

    • Adjustable counter balance weights to compensate for different loads
    • 5 eccentric bearings designed for loads of all sizes and greater speeds
    • 82% higher load capacity than Innova® 44/44R
    • Rotates smoothly and effortlessly up to 400 rpm



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    An Innova Success Story

    “Our laboratory is especially interested in the ability to grow large volumes of shaker flask cultures for the reproducible production of recombinant proteins. Thus, our work relies on reliable shakers that enable us to quickly and uniformly change the chamber temperature. The Innova S44i shaker allows easy growth of 12 L of cell culture with precise temperature control and, thus, enables us to consistently grow outstanding protein samples necessary to advance our research agenda.”

    Wolfgang Peti, PhD.
    University of Arizona
    Thomas Moon, PhD.
    University of Arizona