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Aerosols – spinning hazardous samples the safe way!

Imagine you heard from someone that you were surrounded by millions of microorganisms. At home, at work, in the gym, even in nature: Every day they are there. Sounds scary doesn’t it? These microorganisms that surround us are so called airborne biological particles or just bio-aerosols for short and are categorized under the general term aerosols.

Very common laboratory activities produce aerosols and are carried out without even thinking about aerosols, but around the world there are many documented cases of laboratory-acquired infections resulting from the production and inhalation of infectious aerosols. In the daily laboratory work, centrifugation is just one source of aerosols, and you must take adequate precautions when working with hazardous or infectious substances.

In this educational webinar, you will learn what aerosols are, where they occur and how to centrifuge hazardous/infectious samples in a safe way.

This webinar took place on Tuesday, May 24, 2017


Nicole Seeligmüller, Application Specialist Sample Handling, Eppendorf AG 

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