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Bioprocess Systems for Perfusion Process Development at Small and Bench Scale

Perfusion cell culture processes help saving lab space, increasing volumetric productivity, achieving more consistent product quality, and improving production of less stable proteins. Experimentation at small and bench scale is crucial for the cost-efficient development of bioprocesses, which then can be transferred to larger production volumes.

In this webinar we present cell retention technologies suitable for small and bench scale bioprocessing. We show a case study of an ATF-based CHO cell perfusion process at a working volume of 1 L.

Learning Objectives 

  • Connection of an ATF-2 cell retention device with Eppendorf bioprocess systems
  • Bioprocess system technical requirements and configurations
  • Analysis of process performance: Cell growth, metabolite concentrations, and product formation
  • Other cell retention technologies, including packed-bed bioreactors and microcarrier spin filters

Date & Time:
Monday, May 20 2019, 9 a.m. EDT, 2 p.m. GMT, 3 p.m. CEST

Amanda Suttle, Bioprocess Research Scientist, Eppendorf North America

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