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NGS Made Easy - 5 Ways to Improve Your NGS Library Preparation

Next-generation sequencing sample preparation is a labour-intensive process, which requires experience, precision and accuracy to generate high-quality NGS libraries. This webinar will enable you to understand the most common pain points with NGS library preparation and show you how to develop lab strategies that guarantee reproducible NGS results and increase overall lab productivity.

You will learn how to improve your NGS library preparation step-by-step and if switching from manual to automated solutions makes sense in your lab.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies to overcome NGS challenges and pain points
  • Learn how laboratory automation can help achieve reliable NGS results and increase your overall productivity
  • Understand the impact consumables can have on NGS results

Date & Time:

The webinar took place on Tuesday,  November 13, 2018

Dr. Hanaë König, Global Marketing Manager, Automated Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG
Marc-Manuel Hahn, PhD Application Specialist, Automated Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG 

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