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Scientist at the bench using the maintenance management software to control the intelligent lab

VisioNize® Lab Suite. You and Your Lab – Connected

Designed to empower you to focus on ​your next breakthrough

VisioNize® Lab Suite is your software solution for effective lab and maintenance management. Gain access to a modular range of services and choose what works for your lab.

These services integrate well together to support you and your lab – with future updates for a sustainable investment. As you and your lab expand over time, VisioNize Lab Suite will evolve as well to meet your needs. ​

The lab management platform VisioNize Lab Suite

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Factors to consider when managing a laboratory

Sample security

Scientist's hand holding sample in cloud - maintenance management software VisioNize® Lab Suite.

What is the cost of a freezer or incubator left open? Can you even calculate the value of years of your work?

Don’t get caught off by the guard in the middle of the night. Remotely check your lab device performance whenever you want.

VisioNize® Lab Suite offers everything you need as a lab manager or scientist to get started to digitally manage the lab for increased sample security.​

Compliance needs

Two persons sit together and review paper-based documentation.

Data integrity and regulatory compliance are crucial in many laboratory environments. As a lab or quality manager, one of your responsibilities is to ensure best practices in the lab.

Regulatory authorities are encouraging companies operating in pharma and biotech to demonstrade data integrity.

Receive support for your audit preparations with VisioNize Lab Suite and eliminate your paper-based documentation by switching to one platform for you and your lab.​

Maintenance management

Scientist in laboratory using a tablet to remotely manage the maintenance of lab devices.

As lab manager you are obliged to maintain all the lab equipment, avoiding device downtime in order to keep your lab processes going.

How great would it be to have all in one tool supporting you and your lab?

Enjoy more peace of mind with remote updates, plan your upcoming tasks in one tool and receive reminders when service is due.

Never lose sight of your assets or device maintenance needs with the VisioNize Lab Suite.

Benefits of VisioNize Lab Suite and services

Connecting devices and data
For Eppendorf and non-Eppendorf devices; from freezers to pipettes.

Remote monitoring
Monitor parameters of performance of laboratory devices from anywhere.

Alert notifications
Utilize escalation schemes and acknowledgement for advanced documentation.

Access to device data
All relevant documents, e.g., SOPs, operating manuals and more

Planning of maintenance tasks
For all lab equipment and receive notifications when due.

Detailed audit log
Including device performance data, such as parameters and user interventions, setpoint changes and maintenance tasks.

Remote updates
New improvements are instantly available for selected VisioNize touch enabled devices.

Choose the Best Subscription Plan for Your Lab

Self-configure your subscription plan or choose from pre-configured subscription plan.

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VisioNize Lab Suite self-configurable subscription plan

Explore the pre-configured subscription plans for VisioNize® Lab Suite

Sample Security

Everything lab managers or scientists need to get started to digitally manage the lab for increased sample security.​

  • VisioNize® Lab Suite Basic
  • Alert+

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Compliance Needs

Everything lab managers or quality managers need to document and export device performance data to be audit ready.​

  • VisioNize® Lab Suite Basic
  • Device Documentation
  • Data Access+ (promo)

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Maintenance Management

Everything lab managers need to maintain their entire lab assets and reduce asset downtime.​

  • VisioNize® Lab Suite Basic
  • Device Documentation
  • Task Management

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Connecting your devices

Make the most of your lab devices by connecting to VisioNize® Lab Suite. Connect your lab devices, from freezers to pipettes. From Eppendorf to non-Eppendorf lab equipment. Additional Connect Ware e.g. VisioNize box or VisioNize sense might be required. Consult us for precise planning and order placement.

Image shows how lab devices are connected to the maintenance management software VisioNize Lab Suite.

VisioNize touch enabled

Devices equipped with the VisioNize touch interface can be connected via Ethernet cable.

VisioNize box enabled

Devices which are connectable via VisioNize box (hardware hub) to the VisioNize® Lab Suite.

VisioNize sense enabled

Non-Eppendorf devices connectable via VisioNize sense, a environmental monitoring sensor system.

VisioNize user enabled

Devices can be added manually to manage and maintain the overall device asset data, e.g., pipettes or microscopes.

If you have any further questions please have a look into our Frequently Asked Quesitons.

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Important note:
Depending on your country, VisioNize Lab Suite and services might not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your local Eppendorf Sales Representative.