Man using tablet to monitor his lab remotely while reading scientific articles

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Explore the possibilities of digital life science. Enabling You to make the most out of every lab day.

Couple of scientists in front of their computers using lab managemen software

Cloud solutions are
gaining traction in science

The lab has always been a truly interconnected place – not just because of the equipment and ...


Podcast: GENcast – Navigating Your Lab through a Digital Transformation

Learn how Wageningen University use software for laboratory information management to improve the efficiency and quality of their research and mastered the challenges of their digital transformation.

Horizontal tablet connected to the cloud with explicit data security measures for the lab

Cybersecurity – be aware
of your lab data security

We have never been more connected than we are right now. The ability to share information ...


Podcast: GENcast – Welcoming a Digital Revolution in Life Science

Find out how researchers are instituting and utilizing digital solutions in their laboratory space

Paper notes documenting the experiments.

It`s time to transition

In life science labs, digital data is everywhere – from microscopy images and raw data files ...

Labeled tubes and Barcoded vessels in the lab.

Lost in Samples?

Remember the last time you were looking for a specific sample tube which was somewhere ...