1961 – 2021 | 60 Years Pipette Anniversary

1961 – 2021 | 60 Years Pipette Anniversary

Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the piston-stroke pipette with us!

In 1961, the Berlin Wall is being built, and John F. Kennedy is sworn in as President of the United States. Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space, and the English molecular biologist William Astbury dies. However, the year 1961 also marks the birth of an instrument that will change scientific research forever: the world's first piston-stroke pipette - launched by Eppendorf.

Today, it's been 60 years since the Eppendorf »Marburg« pipette made it possible to handle liquids in the microliter volume range for the very first time. To celebrate the occasion, we're taking a look at how pipetting has evolved over the years and where we're headed for the future of liquid handling. Read our article series, discover our customer‘s voices, and delve into the highlights of 60 years‘ worth of Eppendorf liquid handling solutions.

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The Past, Present and Future of Pipetting

Did you know that Eppendorf introduced not only the microliter system but also the world's first handheld multi-dispenser? Discover the history (and future) of pipetting in our four-part article series and learn how we at Eppendorf continue to contribute to the field of liquid handling.

Pipettes no longer suck

It’s been 60 years since Eppendorf brought the very first piston-stroke pipette to the global market. What better way to celebrate than to take a delve into the history books and find out where it all began?

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Ready, set, pipette!

An influenza epidemic converts the scientific world from test tubes to microplates and in turn, the multi-channel pipette and the age of increased efficiency make their debut.

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Think of your thumbs: the ergonomics of pipettes

While Eppendorf considered clever ergonomic design early as the 1970s, its importance has been fully realized in the modern lab. Eppendorf brought a wide range of products to market, including its first electronic pipette, that help provide a safer workspace with revolutionary speed, accuracy, and precision.

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The future of pipettes is now

Today and in the future: In 1961, Eppendorf brought the first piston-stroke pipette to market and changed the ways of working in labs around the world forever. Today, labs are going digital and pipettes are connected.

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The Science of Pipetting to Perfection

Do you already know everything there is to know about pipetting? We collected all the experience and insights we gathered in the last 60 years and have created a comprehensive guidebook to help you carry out good science involving handling any liquid. Discover what you should consider before selecting a new pipette and how correct usage and careful maintenance will ensure your instrument always functions at peak performance. With this eBook, you'll learn...

  • How to maintain and increase reproducibility & reliability of results
  • Tips to streamline workflows and increase efficiency
  • Insights on how to perform your work in a safe manner
  • Info on how to create ergonomic health-promoting working conditions
  • Best practices for optimal pipette performance

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Products in Practice

Your research is our main concern: we have asked our customers how we could contribute to their research with our liquid handling solutions.

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Eppendorf Customer Stories

Breaking Barriers: From Actress to Scientific Researcher

An inspiring story about the establishment of Biopharma company BIOMT and how they use Eppendorf pipettes to attract new talent. Click here to download the story (PDF).

Innovation Milestones

We have always strived to make your lab work as ergonomic, safe, and efficient as possible. Discover pioneering Eppendorf developments that have shaped liquid handling at their time.


You may download a “60 Years Pipette” Poster with all Eppendorf Innovation Milestones here

Podcast – "To The Limit of What is Technically Possible"

Listen now to a podcast on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the first piston-stroke pipette – with Eppendorf’s Co-CEOs Eva van Pelt and Peter Fruhstorfer as well as Eppendorf colleagues from pipette development and production. Enjoy!

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