Taking Care of You and Your Results

    Taking Care of You and Your Results

    Laboratory work is becoming more challenging in recent times, and the situation exacerbated by the pandemic which further puts pressure on available resources. It gives rise to concerns about our own wellbeing, and our performance to deliver reliable results for research or for tests.

    Partnering with the right supplier for products and services is one of the several steps to give ourselves the needed peace of mind. At Eppendorf, the “My Lab & I” campaign is designed to look at products, solutions and online knowledge exchange sessions to support your safety, wellbeing, productivity and efficiency, taking care of you and your results.


    February Spotlight: New Year, New Products

    Eppendorf continues with the tradition of new products that integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

    Conical Tube Snaptec® 50

    The highly familiar Conical Tube 50 mL now comes with a Snaptec® cap that provides better sample safety and security. What’s even better is that it fits into your existing instruments for sample processing without the need for any adapters. Find out more and request for a sample pack now!




    CryoCube® F440n/h: The New Kids on the Block

    Are you looking for a 400L ULT Freezer and would like to get the best for your investment? 

    The Freezer provides your valuable samples a safe and cold location. The freezer minimizes operating costs by low energy consumption per day while providing superior protection for your critical samples. A combined insulation based on vacuum insulation panels and polyurethane foam enables extremely low energy consumption during long-term storage.

    New High-speed Floorstanding Centrifuges and Ultracentrifuges

    Eppendorf has acquired the centrifuge business of the Japanese company Koki Holdings Co., Ltd, whose products are marketed under the brand name Himac. From microcentrifuges and benchtop centrifuges to high-speed floorstanding as well as ultracentrifuges, our extensive portfolio now offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

    The Freezer Challenge 2022

    195 countries, thousands of labs – Are you up for the challenge?

    The Freezer Challenge 2022, a cold storage competition coordinated by My Green Lab and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), is taking place over a six-month period. Participating labs will receive points for taking sustainable actions related to their cold storage units, including actions that promote energy efficiency, sample accessibility, and sample integrity. 


    Clinical Diagnostic

    Eppendorf is your trusted partner in the clinical laboratory, focussed on enhancing safety and productivity as well as supporting an optimal workflow with ergonomic design.

    *The Medical Device Registration status of our products varies from country to country. Please check with your local Eppendorf sales specialist for details.

    Vaccine Research

    Vaccine research and development is challenging but crucial in combating health threats against mankind. This is evident with the situation our world faces today and our collective efforts to control SARS-CoV-2. In the September spotlight, we share with you our resource hub highlighting the Application Notes, e-books, recorded webinars, podcasts/interviews and a wide range of laboratory equipment to provide you with great insight on your journey in vaccine process development.

    Lab Digitalization

    You and Your Lab - Connected

    The last 18 months have shown us how important digital solutions have become to enable collaboration and to work remotely. Find out to how the digital lab space can become a reality for you and how to begin your digital transformation.

    Pipetting Ninja Challenge

    Play and win! Play our Master of Dexterity game and get a pipetting ninja t-shirt, a pipetting ninja figurine and a 60 Years Pipette Anniversary pipette pen. Just screenshot your game score to us to claim your giveaways. All the giveaways are limited edition and while stock lasts!

    What is the secret to becoming a pipetting ninja to master the art of pipetting? Download our Pipetting to Perfection eBook is the first step.

    Your Well-Being Matters

    Apart from making sure your tools and instrument are in tip top conditions, your very own physical health is also important. Learn how our product are designed ergonomically to minimize the stress to your overall physical well-being. We make the work fit the person, not the person fit the work!

    An Eppendorf Safety Net                                   

    Our service agreements consist of premium and advanced care as well as the choice for preventive maintenance that not only save you costs in the long run but also a safety net for you and your samples.

    Productivity Starts with Your Pipette

    Pipettes are the workhorses in your lab. Because of this, there is a need to ascertain their accuracy and reproducibility at least once a year. There are 5 factors to determine how often inspections should be performed on your pipettes (see Userguide No. 24). Our tiered pipette service and calibration are tailored to meet your requirement and your affordability. 

    Register Your Products for More Benefits!

    There are many benefits when you registered your Eppendorf products with us. From a service point of view, your registered products enable us to send you reminders on servicing your products. Other benefits include:

    • Collect up to 100 epPoints® for every product registered
    • Win some exclusive prizes with our year-round raffles
    • Get an additional three months of warranty*
    • Get your products registered now!

    *Malaysia only

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