Taking Care of You and Your Results

    Taking Care of You and Your Results

    Laboratory work is becoming more challenging in recent times, and the situation exacerbated by the pandemic which further puts pressure on available resources. It gives rise to concerns about our own wellbeing, and our performance to deliver reliable results for research or for tests.

    Partnering with the right supplier for products and services is one of the several steps to give ourselves the needed peace of mind. At Eppendorf, the “My Lab & I” campaign is designed to look at products, solutions and online knowledge exchange sessions to support your safety, wellbeing, productivity and efficiency, taking care of you and your results.


    October Spotlight: Clinical Diagnostics

    Master Your Clinical Workflow

    Clinical diagnostic laboratories play an important role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.  An essential goal of the clinical laboratory is to provide high-quality, efficient, and reproducible testing while ensure safety of their technicians. Eppendorf is your trusted partner in the clinical laboratory, focussed on enhancing safety and productivity as well as supporting an optimal workflow with ergonomic design.


    *The Medical Device Registration status of our products varies from country to country. Please check with your local Eppendorf sales specialist for details.


    Safety has never been more relevant in the laboratory. Learn how to safeguard yourself and your samples when you are working in the lab.

    Efficiency & Productivity      

    Time is precious and you may be feeling like you have less time to achieve your objectives. Learn how Eppendorf’s tools and instruments may help you to save time, increase efficiency and enhance your productivity.

    Well Being                  

    At the end of the day, your well-being in the laboratory is a priority. Taking some time away from your routine to read about something interesting can help as an example. Check out the articles that we have for you.

    Eppendorf Webinars

    Enrich your knowledge and engage with us                                     

    Digitalization Webinar Volume 1: 

    How and why to enter the digital laboratory


    Steve Dey, Head of Regional Segment Marketing Europe

    Date & time
    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021
    4 pm SGT/MYT

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    My Lab & I 2021 Promotion

    Get the best value deal to bring back new members to your lab    

    Vaccine Research

    From Research and Development to Production                                               

    Vaccine research and development is challenging but crucial in combating health threats against mankind. This is evident with the situation our world faces today and our collective efforts to control SARS-CoV-2. In the September spotlight, we share with you our resource hub highlighting the Application Notes, e-books, recorded webinars, podcasts/interviews and a wide range of laboratory equipment to provide you with great insight on your journey in vaccine process development.

    Pipetting to Perfection

    Download the new Liquid Handling Handbook                              

    In celebration of our 60 years of expertise and competence in pipetting, we have now released a brand new liquid handling handbook. You can learn anything and everything about liquid handling with pipettes and dispensers plus pipette maintenance and the importance of pipette calibration.

    Sustainability at Eppendorf

    Our commitment to our people and environment

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