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    Disassembling, assembling, cleaning and greasing of Eppendorf Research plus pipette

    Reduced risk of contamination - Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25mL

    Expert Voices - Karolina Pircs on the importance of user safety

    Stay Informed - Aerosols in the Lab

    The Basis for Your Lab Safety - Centrifuge Training and Maintenance

    Protect What Matters: CryoCube® F740 Series ULT Freezers

    Benchtop orbital shaker - Eppendorf New Brunswick™ Innova® 40


    Efficiency & Productivity


    Pipetting Viscous Liquids - Eppendorf Multipette M4 and Combitips advanced

    Using the Eppendorf Multipette E3 for the First Time

    Automatic dispensing: Eppendorf Xplorer/Xplorer plus electronic pipettes

    Sequential dispensing: Eppendorf Xplorer plus electronic pipettes

    384 Wells in a Minute? No Problem. Precise and fast usage of Eppendorf’s 16 and 24-channel pipettes

    How it works - Eppendorf LoBind

    Good Plastics - Bad Plastics

    Improved sample accessibility and recovery - Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25mL

    Cell Culture Reproducibility – Support with the CellXpert® CO2 incubator from Eppendorf

    Stackable Incubator Shaker - Innova® S44i from Eppendorf

    CO2 incubator shaker - New Brunswick™ S41i from Eppendorf for reliable expression results


    Well Being


    PhysioCare Concept

    Your CO2 incubator: How to minimize atmosphere disruptions - Cell Culture Do’s and Don’ts Part 4