At Eppendorf we believe that everyone should be able to work to his or her full potential. For this reason, we work with our employees to define the necessary personal and professional qualification measures that enable them to develop their existing skills and knowledge to meet the changing demands of today's work world.

By enabling our employees to be successful in their task areas and to contribute their many skills with satisfaction, we maintain high standards over the long term and secure the competitive and developmental competence of our company.
Responsibility for your own behavior and results is a key for success.

We know it's the differences between us as well as our individual talents that help us all move forward together on our path toward improving human living conditions. This is why everyone at Eppendorf should be able to work to full potential and rely on the company to recognize, promote, and develop his or her individual talents – because we owe the success of our company above all to the commitment and motivation of our employees. They are our most sustainable asset.

Employees are the DNA of our company - this proverb is well known. But as a decades-old provider of equipment for molecular science, we do have a special relationship to DNA.
Quite a lot of colleagues join Eppendorf for many years. In the current fast moving world, we see this as a proof of trust, satisfaction, and confidence.

We prefer to fill open positions from our own ranks in order to offer our employees attractive opportunities for development within our company. Yet new faces from outside the company enrich our teams through their individual experiences and perspectives. A balanced mixture of experience and new ideas is key to success.


Learning is a process which accompanies us our complete lifetime. Especially in the working life, a constant learning and adapting of skills and knowledge is mandatory. This is especially important in a knowledge-driven community as the life-science industry. LearnAbility at Eppendorf means that people take initiative for identifying their learning needs and formulating their learning goals. Global HR development supports people in their growth.

  • Our Learning Management System "HRCatalogue @ Eppendorf Academy" provides everybody a big variety of learning opportunities.
  • The Learning Content Platform is our digital learning resource, offering a broad choice of learning content to our employees
  • Classroom trainings provide opportunities for people to boost their soft skills by interacting with each other
  • The Annual Dialog: is a formal dialog between leader and employee to align expectations and performance and to define further development
  • Coaching for Performance is a series of guided conversations by leaders to enable people to personally discover solutions to performance challenges
  • Eppendorf educates and trains future people in special professions after they finish school
  • Buddy concept for new employees by colleagues to enable a smooth and successful on-boarding – many new colleagues are positively surprised by this concept: „I really feel being integrated from the first day on“ is a common feedback.

Working processes

Work, incl. office and production, becomes more and more flexible. Many changes and adaption are needed.

  • On-going improvements by introducing new IT tools
  • Team-based decisions how processes in production can be improved output-wise but also personal-wise
  • Wherever operative requirements allow, there is individual freedom to create your ideal working environment, including opportunities to work from home
  • Flexible working hours to combine job and family

»There are no two equal days – the matrix model helps to look behind the horizon, to expand business network and to feel like a member of a great family, the Eppendorf family, you can rely on.«

Hamid Heidari
Product Marketing Manager, Eppendorf Europe

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Health and Safety

At (a part of the) Eppendorf (community), we know our employees go the extra mile. That’s why we greatly value their health and safety: Creating the necessary balance between the personal and professional life is important. Depending on locations, there are different aspects to support our colleagues in health and safety aspects:

  • Corporate medical doctor for guidance about the next business trip, personal health questions, the next vaccination, and much more
  • Trained first aiders to support internal team of paramedics
  • Annual safety checks of working conditions

As precaution is far better than reacting on emergency situations, movement and sports are supported:

  • Sports teams like soccer, or running for post-work relief
  • Support of commercial sport club memberships
  • Eppendorf teams for annual marathon in Hamburg

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Employee participation

For decades, the German locations of Eppendorf have an established workers‘ council as representatives of the employees. Different topic-specific committees as well as regular meetings with the board enable a reliable and trustful co-operation between company and employees.
Based on German law, two members of the general staff are elected members of the advisory board of Eppendorf.

Eppendorf Family Network

Our company is at home in many countries of the world. With the Eppendorf Family Network we would like to offer our children the opportunity to experience another culture, to improve their foreign language skills and to benefit from interesting experiences in a new environment.
Each year ten children of our employees (age of 14-18 years) can participate in the holiday exchange program Eppendorf Family Network.
Each child stays between two or four weeks with an Eppendorf family in a foreign country and in return a child from a foreign colleague will stay with the respective local family.
Discover the world – and become part of another family, we established this concept in 2012.

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Working atmosphere

Last but not least there is the need of feeling well, have fun during work with colleagues and also with customers, and feel as a team of the Eppendorf family.