Photometry Ergonomics - Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®

Many samples need to be checked for quality as well as quantity by using photometric approaches. The related detection instruments should be easy to use.

Annoyed by complex menu-structures?

Standard photometric measurements should be as easy as possible. Just one „zzzt“ and you have your results: Guided handling for easy processing of your samples.

Left, right, up, down?

There are several ways to position the cuvette inside the cuvette shaft. But not all of them result in correct values.
Clear indications for convenient cuvette positioning let you quickly and conveniently generate data.

Afraid of loosing your high-value sample drop?

Circling the pipette tip around the target area in an attempt to aim at the middle can be nerve-wracking.
The guided touchdown, supported by hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glass, lets you safely position the sample drop.

Lost samples due to domino effect?

You’ve lined up your reference cuvette and your five sample cuvettes in front of the photometer, and then it happens: A slight touch at the corner of the first cuvette and the line of dominos started to topple down like a row of dominoes.
Avoid spilling your valuable samples by using stable cuvette holders.