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Connect Bioreactors and General Lab Equipment

Monitor and organize several Eppendorf devices in your bioprocessing lab in one move. Simply connect your bioprocess equipment and your VisioNize®-onboard and VisioNize-qualified devices to the central server application, VisioNize core.

Existing Eppendorf bioreactor systems can be connected to the VisioNize system

The VisioNize-bioprocess software works as a hub to integrate your bioprocess equipment into the VisioNize system using DASware® control.

Connect small-scale bioreactor systems

The VisioNize-bioprocess software acts as a gateway system and directly and easily connects the DASware control software for small- and bench-scale bioreactor systems to VisioNize core over your internal network.

Continue using your installed software

No need to change your installed software: Continue using the features you know from DASware control.

Connect instruments needed for your workflow

You can also connect other lab equipment. Enhance your bioprocess workflow by monitoring all your devices via VisioNize core!

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