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Directly Connect VisioNize®-onboard Devices to the VisioNize System

VisioNize-onboard devices come equipped with VisioNize system components, including the new touch interface that provides VisioNize functionality for an excellent user interface. Functionalities are coordinated, meaning that being familiar with using one VisioNize system element or instrument, you’ll find it intuitive to operate another. The user experience is uniform across product lines and platforms (PC software, mobile app, or device display).

System features of the new VisioNize user interface concept

  • Direct connection to the VisioNize system over your network 
  • Standardized user interface concept and experience 
  • Uniform operating concept across products and platforms 
  • Easy parameter, program and device management 
  • E-mail notifications for specified events 
  • Device access authorization with user login

CryoCube® F740i

Design the freezer around the sample: The Eppendorf CryoCube F740 series is the latest addition to the Eppendorf freezer family. Combining the high-quality tradition of our previous freezers with an increased capacity, the CryoCube F740 is designed to store more of your samples securely while maintaining optimal energy usage. The CryoCube F740i is a VisioNize-onboard device and thus equipped with a touch interface that stores data directly at the device and allows easy 24/7 monitoring. If necessary, data and service reports can be extracted via a front-mounted USB port. The electronic lock system enables controlled access and higher sample safety.

  • Alarm threshold setting at the device
  • Automatic door lock function
  • 24/7 monitoring for highest sample safety
  • Up to 576x boxes for space-efficient storage
  • Reduced power consumption by 14% for lower energy costs


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Mastercycler® X50

The new Mastercycler X50 is the elegant synthesis of speed and flexibility. It offers PCR optimization capabilities for research PCR applications and standardization for routine PCR applications such as food testing. A new highly intuitive touchscreen concept puts all of those benefits at your fingertips, all the time:


  • Innovative 2D-Gradient for advanced PCR optimization
  • Heating rate: up to 10 °C/s
  • Wide selection of blocks from a fast silver block to 384
  • Intuitive touch display
  • Connect up to 10 units
  • flexlid ® concept: automatic height adjustment of the lid allows you to use all types of consumables
  • Small footprint
  • 2 year warranty
  • Monitor remaining runtime at the device and via
    VisioNize core and go
  • Program and device management via VisioNize functionalities

Shaker Innova® S44i

Innova S44i is a large-capacity, stackable shaker with temperature control functionality. It is designed to provide maximum flask and weight capacity despite a compact footprint. Eppendorf X-Drive™ with software-guided counterbalance adjustment supports smooth shaking of uneven and heavy loads at high speeds. All Innova S44i in a triple stack can be operated at maximum speed. Ergonomic design reduces the stress on users and enables optimum workflow.

  • High platform capacity – grow more on a smaller footprint  
  • Double- or triple-stackable to further increase capacity  
  • Photosynthetic LED light bank with high light uniformity for growing photosensitive cells 
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface for easy operation  
  • User management function for security and traceability
  • Unlimited multi-step programming for automated operation of shaker
  • Easy-to-slide-out platform with quick release handle
  • Glide-up door for convenient access to shaker chamber


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