Intuitive Lab Device Monitoring with VisioNize®

Are you familiar with VisioNize? Well, Eppendorf is here to share it with you. With VisioNize-onboard, your devices stay in line with future-proof development. We strive to enable you to use state-of-the-art technology and make your lab as convenient as possible with intuitive Lab Device Monitoring.

Two laboratory technicians with PCR and portable lab software solution VisioNize

A sound base: Benefit from the build-in VisioNize component. Our VisioNize-onboard product family is the first step towards your future lab.

Hand of laboratory technician near VisioNize touch interface of freezer CryoCube F740hi

All our VisioNize-onboard devices come equipped with the VisioNize touch interface; providing an easy yet robust user experience as well as enabling smart features like recurring tasks to help you to relieve the burdens of your daily routines. Since all our VisioNize-onboard devices follow the same intuitive framework, once you know one device interface, you know them all – across product lines and platforms, intuitive operation and distinct usability is ensured.

General features accessible in all VisioNize-onboard devices

  • Access to Tracking and Trend Data: Conveniently see all your important settings and data on a single screen with customized views
  • Event Monitoring & Tracking: Every interaction with the device will be tracked and is visible in the event tracking history for your controlled lab environment
  • Integrated User Management: The user management directly via the VisioNize touch interface of each VisioNize-onboard device enables device access authorization and appropriate tracking
  • Adaptable Alarm Settings: Adaptable alarm monitoring settings including customized value provide you convenience and a more secure feeling
  • Export Feature: Easily transfer your information to your computer or colleague using the export feature and front-mounted USB port
Hand of laboratory technician near VisioNize touch interface of freezer CryoCube F740hi
Female laboratory technician in front of lab freezer CryoCube 740hi and VisioNize touch interface.

Smart Storage with CryoCube® F740hi ULT Freezer

Our CryoCube F740hi freezer is equipped with our VisioNize touch interface offering you the opportunity to check the freezer performance whenever you want directly on-site.

Thanks to the VisioNize touch interface, all temperature data and all events are stored in the freezer control unit.

  • Advanced Access control: Access to your most vulnerable and high-value samples is controlled via automatic door lock linked to the user management of the device
  • Advanced User Management: User management with control access to setpoints and settings offering comprehensive traceability
  • Recurring Tasks: Define recurring tasks for maintenance, service or other custom tasks

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Smart Cultivation in our CellXpert® C170i CO2 Incubator

The integrated VisioNize touch interface of our CellXpert® C170i incubator comes with smart features helping you to establish specific cell-conserving user habits in your lab and to relieve the burdens of daily routines.

  • Practical Guidance for Standardized Procedures: Eppendorf guides you through the disinfection process via an integrated wizard and documents it in a certificate. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to easily disinfect your incubator and to ensure standardized procedures
  • Easy and Comprehensive Documentation: Filter and export performance charts, events, or HTD-protocols within seconds to fulfill ever-increasing demands for documentation of cell culture conditions, e.g. for regulated environments
  • Standard & Customized Tasks: Pre-installed and customer-programmed tasks can be set with VisioNize to remind you of regular tasks, e.g.  performance of a disinfection cycle, cleaning, splitting cells, refilling the water reservoir, or performance checks with external sensors.

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Female lab technician in front of incubator CellXpert® C170i with integrated VisioNize touch interface.

Use of shaking incubator Innova® S44i and integrated VisioNize touch interface to monitor your shaking incubator directly on-site.

Smart Cultivation with the Innova® S44i Biological Shaker

The shaking incubator Innova® S44i is equipped with our VisioNize touch screen helping you to establish an easier, yet solid documentation of your device data.

  • Automated Control: Make complicated runs simple: create multi-step programs for automated control of the shaker including looping
  • Extensive Documentation of Parameters: Versatile documentation of all parameters: temperature, agitation, light intensity and more via chart and event list
  • Alarm and Error Documentation: Documentation of occurred alarms and errors during the cultivation
  • Indications for Adjustments: Automated imbalance detection and intelligent counterweight adjustment
  • Control of Photosynthetic Light: Manage the time cycle of the photosynthetic light as well as its intensity

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Smart Amplification with the Mastercycler® X50 PCR Cycler

It is not only a touch display, it helps you to make the most of every program step. The VisioNize touch interface enables versatile functions in your Mastercycler X50 and offers intuitive and quick programming from the beginning.

  • At a single glance: Overview of program steps and status
  • Plan ahead: Monitor remaining runtime directly at the device and be notified for annual service and further custom tasks

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Lab technician working with pipette and Mastercycler X50 in front having the VisioNize touch interface integrated enabling monitoring features

Would you like to upgrade some of your Eppendorf Devices?

Connect further Eppendorf devices with the VisioNize box and benefit from smart features like our VisioNize-onboard product family. Get an overview of our VisioNize-qualified devices.

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Male laboratory technician with mobile phone using remotely the laboratory software for monitoring lab instruments.

Extend your possibilities: Learn more about our smart companion VisioNize®

Imagine you could use a smart lab software in your lab to organize your lab equipment efficiently anytime and anywhere with a single glance. With VisioNize you can remotely monitor your lab instruments and receive notifications helping you to manage your day-to-day lab life. By connecting your lab instruments to the VisioNize, you can confidently guide your lab towards a smarter future.

We at Eppendorf strive to improve the lives of our customers. Our job does not end with simply offering a smart device to our customer; it continues growing as we support to improve the processes and applications in your lab.

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