Take your Drug to Market faster

    Take Your Drug to Market Faster

    There is a variety of aspects to fulfil to achieve this goal:

    Drive process efficiencies with increased speed whilst not sacrificing quality

    Be reliable to avoid unplanned downtime

    Comply with audit requirements and relevant certifications

    Whether you are working on developing biologics like therapeutic antibodies or the next recombinant vaccine, you need to have the right starting material.

    Creating an optimized antigen is the basis for a successful drug discovery process.

    Eppendorf can support you to generate reliable and reproducible results in your cloning step.

    Gain efficiencies by accelerating workflow steps and avoiding instrument downtime

    Create audit-ready device documentation to support your compliance processes

    Offer manufacturer service options to ensure your devices are continuously running to specifications

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    Increase specificity and efficiency in your cloning step.

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