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  • Jason Jan 05, 2022

    I've been using Eppendorf pipettes since grad school. If I ever joined a lab that didn't have them, a set was my first purchase as soon as I got grant money under my control.

  • Taketoshi Jan 03, 2022


  • Kristen Jan 03, 2022

    I have been using Eppendorf for over 14 years and would not choose any other pipette brand. They have the best accuracy, ergonomics and are very user friendly.

  • Christopher Clifford Jan 03, 2022

    Our laboratory uses a wide variety of different brands of pipettes, but Eppendorf always delivers accurate results.

    Eppendorf pipettes are easy to use; easy to maintain and when others ask be which pipettes I prefer I always say Eppendorf are great.

  • Hayera Jan 03, 2022

    Trust, the word that always comes to mind when using Eppendorf products. I think the most important thing is to believe, and the Eppendorf, which I have been using since my graduate school lab, was enough to give me satisfaction. Thank you.

  • Ramu Jan 03, 2022

    Dear Eppendorf,

    I have been using all range Eppendorf pipette (manual and electronic) for the past 12 years and centrifuge as well. Its best in design, easy to handle, accurate, calibrated. I also recommended to my colleagues and given demonstration of electronic pipette usage to make their efforts more easy by explaining the different modes and advantage in usage of electronic pipettes over other pipettes in the market. Since a long time. Happiest customer ever.


    The accuracy and ruggedness of the pipette

  • Chinmayee Sahoo Jan 03, 2022

    I am using the Eppendorf pipettes regularly for assay purpose, but never faced any problem, also using the Eppendorf CO2 incubator for maintenance of cell lines in cell culture lab which, in which I find better facilities compared to others.


  • ROSANNA Jan 03, 2022

    I've used only three pipette brands over the four decade, but my first personal set was a personal gift that I earned by collaborating (scientific collaborazione) in the 90s. A complete set of 4710 varipette pipettes that I still keep and it is fully functional! My first purchase was the 05-10 microliter Eppendorf Reference® 4910, jealously preserved in its original box! I am as creative, innovative and reliable as the equipments and tools I use!

  • Katie Jan 03, 2022

    Immediately when someone says “pipette” I think Eppendorf. I have yet to encounter a brand that rivals Eppendorf in any fashion. Eppendorf is the ideal pipette - ergonomic, efficient, effective, and easy to use. Simply put, Eppendorf products are synonymous with quality.

    I have been using Eppendorf brand pipettes going all the way back to high school. The research plus line is easily my favorite, the repeater M4 in particular!

    Eppendorf is more than their exemplary products; they are also their employees and their programs. Their customer service representatives are easy to work with and able to provide meaningful information to all inquiries. Most people do not know that Eppendorf provides internship opportunities. While I have not personally completed an internship with them, as having been a young professional myself I know the importance of hands-on experiences. I am appreciative that Eppendorf has these opportunities to provide a hand up to students and young professionals.

    Eppendorf is a company I am proud to be associated with and display in my workplace.