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  • Jutta Mar 08, 2021

    we just received the multipette E3 basic. our old one was broken. I am so happy that I can work again with the multipette and save a lot of time.

  • Prabhakara Feb 25, 2021

    Eppendorf is my first choice for pipettes, centrifuge and plastic ware.

    Pipette is very lightweight 90g which I cannot find from any other vendor. I personally taken them into the lab and weighed different pipettes along with eppendorf research plus pipettes and proven eppendorf is the lightweight pipette till now. It is single hand operated with good ergonomics.

    Centrifuge is the best I have seen in my career. I have worked with 5810R, 5804,5910R and 5920R. These is no alternate for these models.

    Plastic ware made with high grade PP and we never faced leiching effect which have seen other manufacturers.

    Thanks to Eppendorf the better way of life.

    K. Prabhakara Reddy

  • Utkarsh Reddy Addi Feb 25, 2021

    We started using the Galaxy 170s Co2 incubator for our cell culture work. Easy to clean, Easy to sterile and very friendly interactive in comparison to other manufacturers (No need for HEPA filter inside the incubator)

  • Ruchika Maurya Feb 23, 2021

    There are a number of companies in the research field but Eppendorf never compromises with their product quality, accuracy, and precision. The quality of Eppendorf products is absolutely magnificent and the company always stood up to the user`s expectations. Nevertheless, the price is a little bit higher but they never compromise with their product quality and always serve best to the users. Being a researcher, we always prioritize precision and accuracy for our experiment, and the Eppendorf products always set a benchmark in the research area. They always try to formulate innovative research ideas through their products. Overall, big thumbs up to the entire company and the hard-working team members who always on their toes to make research easier for students like us

  • KATHA KRISHNA Feb 23, 2021

    Our lab is the proud many Eppendorf Pipettes, especially Reference 2. We are extremely happy with the accuracy and repeatability. But in the end, nothing compares with the feeling of using such a premium product

  • Madhavi Annamanedi Feb 23, 2021

    I love to use Eppendorf pipette sets both research and +. I feel very convenient in adjusting requires volume with minimum stress on my fingers which I never felt with other company pipettes in my 10 year research experience. Other products I felt convenient is with cooling centrifuge both 5810R and 54245R. Very user friendly.

  • Abilash Feb 23, 2021

    It makes laboratory things easier & both time saving process. The accuracy is almost very sharp compared to other products. Calibration of products is easier


  • Dr Raghavendra Rao Sanagala Feb 23, 2021

    We are using Eppendorf PCR machines, centrifuges and Pipettes since 2008. we have 5 PCR machines, 2 refrigerated centrifuges, and 6 sets of pipettes and till today they are working in good conditions. We trust Eppendorf products because of their long life working condition.

  • Satnam Feb 23, 2021

    I will say only few words in a phrase

    "For me Precise and consistent Pipetting means Eppendorf"
    Keep it Up!

  • Elisa Feb 23, 2021

    I am a proud owner of Eppendorf Research® plus pipettes!
    Their lightweight and precision allowed me to obtain reliable and reproducible results with my PCRs. I have been working in the lab for many years now, and Eppendorf Instruments are a guarantee of efficiency!