A Proud Legacy - Eppendorf shakers built on a foundation of excellence


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The legacy began in 1946: The very first New Brunswick™ shaker was developed for Dr. Selman Waksman, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the first antibiotic successfully used against tuberculosis.

For almost 70 years, Eppendorf shakers have been synonymous with quality construction and durability. They have been used in more labs the world over than any other shaker. Manufactured with premium Eppendorf quality, New Brunswick shakers continue to take the lead in virtually all global markets. We guarantee our shakers will provide worry-free operation for many years to come.

Many Eppendorf shakers have been in operation for over 40 years and remain in operation today. We have pioneered stackable and microprocessor controlled shakers and have introduced the first CO2 Incubator with an Eppendorf shaker inside. Eppendorf has been at the forefront of shaker technology and will remain to be for the future. The Legacy of New Brunswick Shakers will continue!

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