Get Ready to Move It<sup>®</sup>

    Get Ready to Move It®

    Move It® - Adjustable Tip Spacing Multi-Channel Pipettes from Eppendorf

    Now available: 8- and 12-channel variants with 4.5 mm min. tip distance – perfect for 384-well plate applications

    Double Your Pipetting Performance

    Eppendorf redefined adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes from scratch according to their premium standards. Move It is the result of customer requests for an efficient and safe solution for synchronous pipetting of a series of samples between different vessel formats, such as between tubes and plates.

    Move It is available  

    • as mechanical Eppendorf Research® plus and electronic Eppendorf Xplorer® plus air-cushion pipette
    • as 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-channel pipette
    • with pipette tip distances between 4.5 and 33 mm
    • as completely autoclavable mechanical and partly autoclavable electronic pipette version
    Lab Technician tired of transfering samples from tubes to plates with single-channel pipette

    Easy and fast tip spacing adjustment

    Adjust the pipette tips to source and destination formats via an easy-to-use format limiter and adjustment knob for

    • fast switching back and forth within set formats
    • vibration-free adjustment without dripping
    • relaxed body posture during format change

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    Lab Technician transferring samples from tubes to plates with adjustable spacer multichannel pipette

    Tubeless system for reliability and safety

    Move It works without any tubing connections between cone and piston-cylinder system for

    • increased precision and durability due to less moving parts
    • increasing precision and accuracy due to relatively small air cushions
    • increased user and sample-safety due to autoclavability

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    Lab technician sitting at the bench during 384-pipetting with adjustable spacer multichannel pipette

    Save 70% of your time when 384-well pipetting

    One of the most efficient ways to manually fill a 384-well plate* is a combination of

    • liquid medium distribution with Xplorer® plus 24-channel pipette
    • synchronous sample movement with Xplorer® plus Move It pipette

    *results were measured by using 12-channel mechanical pipettes for liquid medium distribution and single-channel pipettes for individual sample transfers.

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    Move It® Keeps the Balance for You

    “When developing the adjustable tip spacing multi-channel pipettes Move It®, our goal was to provide a good balance in the hand. As the lower part of the pipette gained weight, we faced a challenge. An external study revealed, that a good balance is more important for the user than the total weight of the pipette. Encouraged by this, we replaced the volume adjustment knob and the dispensing button by massive metal parts. The result is a well-balanced pipette supporting ergonomic working conditions.”

    Peter Schmidt,
    Business Manager Manual Liquid Handling
    Eppendorf AG

    Need help choosing a suitable variant for your application?

    Select source and destination format according to your application and then select the channel and volume-variant best suited to your application.

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