Why are you a proud owner of an Eppendorf product?

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  • Prasenjit Manna Jul 14, 2021

    Product from Eppendorf always gives mental satisfaction from the accuracy and perfectness of my experiments. Products are so userfriendly that any one can learn starting from high school graduate to PhDs. In my laboratory we have almost all product from Eppendorf. The service team from Eppendorf is equally excellent and responsible. All the times they are giving their best to keep their instrument ready for the researcher. During the unprecedent situation of COVID-19, the service from Eppendorf is remarkable. They are simply great in their service.

  • Irene W Jul 09, 2021

    The word Eppendorf is the simple reason for me being an owner of Eppendorf pipettes, privately, proudly.


    The very first lab instrument I meet is Research Plus pipettes. They never become an issue for failures. I once started to wonder how they made these plastic stuffs so robust while still accuracy , as the newbies in lab often drop them on the stainless steel surface of biocabinets, again and again, without undermining the experiment of the next user.


    Then I bought 8 Reference 2 pipettes as my birthday gift. It was a blind choice as I just sought for even superior option over the commonly seen Research Plus. It was proven a correct choice. The stroke is so even that blowing cells is much controllable than ever. The 3-stop button is an absolute genius especially for PCRs. From basic to complex experiments, Ref2s are just intuitive enough to barely feel their existence.


    Now I privately own 12 Reference 2 and 4 Research Plus pipettes. It is the click of ejecting tips accompanying me in midnight. The light gray pleasant appearance, the ergonomic shape, the unrivaled touch and trustworthy accuracy is just the start. I’m currently buying stickers to label my private Ref 2s and I find the large, long flat place for stickers are just perfect.


    It might be my personal failure not being able to find any pipettes as good as Eppendorf; however it may be a tough mission for other researchers as well. So my employer ordered Ref2 as well after borrowing mine once. I’m proud of being the only Reference 2 user in my lab, and the first instead of the only in the next month.


    Gratitude to Eppendorf, for jobs well done


  • Bing Shen Jul 09, 2021

    Being able to conduct my experiments with accuracy especially when it comes to RT-PCR.

  • Dr. Nakshi Desai Jul 02, 2021

    Eppendorf products are very reliable and easy to use products. It has helped in giving me uniform results throughout my phd career. I have used eppendorf pipettes, laboratory centrifuge, combitips etc. All those products have best quality and user friendly design.

  • Rob Jul 02, 2021

    I have used Eppendorf centrifuges for many years and love their simplicity, design and robustness. Its always a pleasure to use these centrifuges and a disappointment when I have to use another brand!

  • Lara Jul 02, 2021

    Since I perform many qRT-PCRs, I need highly precise pipettes, easy to autoclave, and easy handling. For these reasons, I've bought an entire set of Eppendorf's pipettes

    because they are the only one endowed with these characteristics. They are my treasures!

  • Martin Jul 02, 2021

    Ease of liquid handling, less power to be applied during pipetting in comparison to other major competitor. Eppendorf Research plus is my favourite series of pipettes in the lab :D

  • Santosh Jul 02, 2021

    I ordered the centrifuge for my lab. Despite all the beurocratic difficulties owing to the Brexit and the pandemic, our rep has been very supportive in following up and delivering the product.

    I have been using Eppendorf products (pipettes, centrifuges, PCRs, themal-mixers and incubators) for about 15 years and they are definitely top class in their precision and build.

    I always relied on Eppendorf PCRs and thermo-mixers for reliable and presize results. Completely trust worthy.

  • Anne Jun 29, 2021

    When I started my internship I got this mixed set of old pipettes of different brands. The Eppendorf pipettes are my favorites and when I had the opportunity to exchange my pipettes I made sure to get all Eppendorf. So easy to handle and great quality.

  • Jan Jun 23, 2021

    As a student and current intern in microbial fermentation, doing a lot of practical work in the lab, I know and value the advantages of highest quality products. I simply love eppendorfs pipettes for the ease of use and the precision. Somehow a mate to rely on during a day full of work.