Eppendorf Group-wide Statement on COVID-19

Dear customer,

Almost two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the need for laboratory products continues unabated with an unprecedented demand for tubes, plates and pipette tips. Back in May we wrote to you with an update on the impact the pandemic had in our operations and shared with you some of the initiatives we were driving to help remediate production and supply bottlenecks around certain products. 

Today we are writing to you to share some new enhancements and improvements to our operations:

  • The production processes have been reorganized to optimize throughput and production has been ramped up to the possible maximum (24/7).
  • Furthermore, production capacities were expanded via introduction of a third (night) shift, optimization of assembly processes and investments in automation
  • Increased production by 40% for our Combitips® advanced by opening a new production line last week
  • An increase of 33% increase in Pipette Tips, 66% increase in Tubes, and more than 100% increase in Plates

The global logistical footprint is being expanded in order to get back to delivery times you are accustomed to:

  • Distribution Centers worldwide will be expanded in size and locations to increase capacity and speed of delivery
  • Furthermore, a dedicated new department is created and further investments in IT Systems are made to create a fully digitally connected GSC-Organization to facilitate transparency to our customers

And we don’t stop here. Eppendorf is in the process of weighing all options on how to further increase and optimize production and logistics performance, in addition to what the teams have already made possible. Constantly ramping up of product availability and creating full transparency on delivery dates are key goals for these activities.

We would like to reassure we are determined to deliver premium quality products and we are working relentlessly to solve these issues and bring you the Eppendorf customer experience you are accustomed to.

As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions and feedback: contact us

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