1st September – 31th December 2019
    Eppendorf WhatsNext 02/2019

    The Next Level

    Welcome to the second edition of WhatsNext 2019.

    We would like to indroduce the brand-new Conical Tube 25 mL-system with suitable accessories for a multitude of applications.
    Furthermore explore our new green and small ULT freezer CryoCube F101h as well as our new solution for automated NGS library preparation, the epMotion® 5073m NGS solution.

    As usual, you will also find our latest promotions as well as a fun "Eppi" contest.

    New Products

    Explore our new products

    • Size Matters - New Eppendorf 25 mL Conical Tubes
    • New Green Freezer - CryoCube F101h
    • NGS compact - New epMotion® 5073m NGS solution

    Fancy a Challenge?

    Do you have the oldest Eppendorf Centrifuge?

    We're looking for the oldest working Eppendorf centrifuge in Europe. The winner will receive the new a whisper quiet Centrifuge 5425 plus a tour to our factory in Leipzig, Germany with all expenses covered.

    Eppi would like to join you

    Our Eppi is ready to travel and wants to meet Eppendorf customers all over Europe.
    Help him explore new places and have an exciting time.

    You can also download WhatsNext here