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Sustainable Since 2002 – epT.I.P.S.<sup>®</sup> Reloads
Sustainable Since 2002 – epT.I.P.S.® Reloads


Using reusable Boxes with tips stacked in reloads means significant waste reduction compared with single-use racks. Our Reload variants - either packed in stack form or dual-sided - are unchanged and can be used with our new epT.I.P.S. Box 2.0. The reloads allow contactless, contamination-free insertion into the box. Both variants are designed in such a way that the remaining tips in the reload are always protected.

Reloads are available in volumes up to 2.5 mL in two purity levels: Eppendorf Quality and PCR clean. The Reload – Box system is optimized for use with multichannel pipettes. Both variants can be autoclaved in advance and stored for future use or when refilled in the box.

The epT.I.P.S. Standard pipette tips are original, high-quality Eppendorf pipette tips packaged in resealable bags. They are available in all volumes from 10 μL to 10 mL. Pipette tips in volumes of 200 μL, 300 μL, and 1,000 μL are also available in yellow and blue. All pipette tips are autoclavable when manually inserted into the boxes.

Instruction for contact-free transfer of reload trays to the working box

The upper tray of a stacked reload or dual-sided reload is gripped with the cover on top and lifted off.

Place the tray with cover into the empty epT.I.P.S. Box 2.0.

Apply pressure with your hand to the tray cover. When you hear a "click", the filled tray is securely fixed in the box and the cover lies loosely on it.

Lift off the Reload cover and place it back on your Reload unit to protect the remaining pipette tips.

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