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uvex pheos safety spectacles

uvex pheos safety spectacles

The uvex safety spectacles that protect you and the environment. uvex pheos - safe and attractive.
uvex pheos safety spectacles are more than just ordinary safety spectacles. You can see that at first glance their modern, fashionable design makes them ideal for everyday wear in the workplace. In addition to the attractive design, they also feature innovative technology: the core component is the duo-spheric lens which not only offers a wide field of vision, but is also extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside due to the unique coating technology.
uvex pheos blue safety spectacles are also eco-friendly as they are made from sustainable raw materials (plant-based raw materials).

  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog thanks to uvex supravision HC-AF coating.
  • Optimum eye coverage with duo-spheric lens with eye plus protection
  • Thanks to the slim earpiece geometry they can be combined with ear defenders, protective helmets and bump caps
  • Comfortable and anti-slip due to innovative hard /soft technology with anti-slip components on the side arms
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Metal-free hinges fold effortlessly


Color: sand/blue
Lens: PC clear/ UV 2C-1,2 supravision HC-AF

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