New products
New products

New CellXpert® C170i/ C170 CO2 Incubator — excellent for your cells

  • fast recovery times
  • easily monitor and export data
  • easy to clean and quick to decontaminate

Become a cell expert

New CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cultureware — your choice for stem cells

  • Pre-coated and ready to use
  • Xeno-free and synthetic surface
  • Supports efficient long-term hiPSC expansion

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New Centrifuge 5425 — flexible, intuitive, quiet

  • Spin from 0.2 mL to 5 mL, with a choice of 8 rotors
  • Simple control with quick program keys
  • Quiet runs, less than 45 dB

Centrifugate quietly

New multipurpose Centrifuge 5910R — flexible and precise.

  • Excellent temperature control — for high sample protection
  • Spin tubes and plates using the same buckets and adaptors — for flexibility
  • Spin up to 38 x 50 mL conical tubes at once

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