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    CellXpert® C170i CO2 Incubators

    Are you looking for a 170 L class CO2 incubator that provides flexibility for the future, makes monitoring and documentation easy, and delivers optimized growth conditions, even for your sensitive cells? A CO2 incubator that also saves money and is produced to highest standards of quality? Let us introduce CellXpert – a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators.

    • Flexibility for the future
    • Full control and easy documentation
    • Safety for your cells
    • Saves Money
    • Powerful contamination prevention
    • Quality Made in Germany

    The CellXpert is produced in Hamburg/Germany to highest quality standards and with materials you can rely on.

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    Full control and easy documentation

    Intuitive controls and enhanced connectivity

    CellXpert C170i CO2 incubators are designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. The large touchscreen can be operated with or without gloves; it lets you manage your lab effortlessly and securely.

    • Easily track your usage and view your setpoints with the advanced touchscreen
    • Export performance charts or High Temperature Disinfection (HTD) protocols within seconds via the integrated USB ports on the front panel
    • Conveniently connect your lab and remotely monitor the status of your devices within the new VisioNize® connected lab system
    • Restrict access to settings and HTD-start by VisioNize® user management
    • Program customized tasks

    Stay flexible for the future

    • Changeable door handle position left <> right
    • Easy documentation and remote monitoring option
    • Two access ports for in-incubator experiments with user-validated devices
    CellXpert C170i CO2 Incubator

    Safety for your cells

    • Uniform temperature with multiple sensors verified at 27 points (according to DIN 12880)
    • Fast temperature and C02 recovery in less than 5 minutes without overshoot
    • Vibration and turbulence protection with fan-less design

    Save money

    • Significantly reduced gas consumption with smart gas control
    • Up to 25 % more usable space with fan-less design
    • No recurring costs for internal expendable parts (HEPA filters, UV lamps etc.)
    • Quality Made in Germany
    CellXpert® C170i CO2 Incubator

    Powerful Contamination Prevention

    Disinfection is simplified and fast

    Contamination can wreak havoc on your experiments and your bottom line. Keep your studies on-track and keep harmful contaminants at bay with the CellXpert C170i incubator. It has been engineered to maintain a safe, optimized environment to protect even your most valuable cells. The powerful anti-contamination concept contains:

    • Automatic 180 °C High Temperature Disinfection kills even spores
    • Easy to clean smooth, seamless chamber surface
    • Fan-less design to reduce airborne contamination risks
    • No non-sterilizable internal HEPA-filters
    • Option: Copper for critical parts (water pan, shelves)
    • Option: 4-segmented inner doors

    Our Service Culture

    For peace of mind

    We offer service programs to meet your needs and to ensure your instrument is operating at peak performance over its full lifetime in accordance to Eppendorf specifications.  More on service

    • Essential check
    • Advanced maintenance
    • Premium Service
    • IQ/OQ Services
    • Quality Made in Germany

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