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  • Robin Dec 09, 2021

    I had the opportunity to use Eppendorf Research Plus pipettes during grad school, and they absolutely were essential in keeping my hands usable despite how much bench work I did! I refused to settle for anything less than these pipettes now that I have my own lab.

  • KSHITIZ WALIA Dec 02, 2021

    I am using Eppendorf products for the last few years and can confidently say that the product quality and the handling of the instruments as well as other products are excellent. The products are very easy-to-use and are the best quality machines. I can proudly say that I'm an Eppendorf product user.

  • cristiane de albuquerque cavalcanti jacobsen Dec 02, 2021

    Multipette makes my work in the lab so much easier. reliability is also a plus. Very satisfied lab worker. :-)

  • Eun U Dec 01, 2021

    Trusted and used Effendorf. A friend who will take charge of my degree :)

  • Emily Dec 01, 2021

    Eppendorf products have saved my life in grad school.

  • Marisa Dec 01, 2021

    I have been working in the molecular biology for over 20 years and recently went into management. As a lab manager with a final decision on all but large purchases, I can make sure my lab is equipped with the best: Eppendorf Research plus pipettes are the most ergonomic and efficient. I also stick with Eppendorf centrifuges, which I find to be the most user-friendly and robust. Few are the issues I've had, and excellent is their customer service. My rep, Travis, is a real gem when it comes to helping me select and receive the most effective product for my lab's needs. He is always available to contact whenever I need assistance. I'm very much an "evaluate each product on its own merits" person, but I can stand behind the entire line of Eppendorf products.

  • Jannifer Nov 30, 2021

    My first year in grad school I was assigned to a research lab where I knew no one. The post-doc there, Dr. Raj Amin, took me under his wing and taught me how to do cell culture, cardiomyocyte isolation, western blots, and so much more. He was always excited for whatever the day had in store. I already loved being in the lab, but he made being there the best experience ever.

    When he left a year later to take a position at Auburn University in Alabama, he left me his Eppendorf pipets. They were the one thing he guarded and never let anyone touch. I still have that old set of Eppendorf pipets. Even when I wasn't working in a lab for several years, I held onto those because they meant so much to me.

  • Xiaocheng Zhu Nov 25, 2021

    Other pipettes are pipettes, but Eppendorf pipette is an art.

  • Taylor Nov 25, 2021

    Eppendorf pipettes are the most ergonomic pipettes I've ever used. They are comfortable, high quality, and have a range of products to suit all my pipetting needs. I'm glad to have these products in my lab and will continue to choose them as my preferred supplier!

  • Samantha Nov 25, 2021

    During this pandemic we have had issues getting the supplies we need to keep our lab running. Thanks to Eppendorf we were to quickly receive a new pipette and get new tips within just days of ordering. It's nice to know that we are able to count on them to supply our needs even during the rough times.