NGS methods for epMotion® 5073t NGS and 5075t NGS

The epMotion can be equipped with an on-deck thermal mixer and is proven to be the most efficient configuration at enabling automated NGS library preparation. For such preconfigured solutions, a list of NGS library preparation workflows have been automated according to the manufacturer’s user guides. 

An exemplary, non-limiting selection, of kits, have been established below. Your local specialist would be happy to further discuss your specific needs and further kit options: 

epMotion® 5073t NGS solution

Illumina® 16S Metagenomic

AmpliSeq® for Illumina 

KAPA Library Quant Kit (LQK)


epMotion® 5057t NGS solution

Ampliseq for Illumina®: Cancer HotSpot Panel v2

Ampliseq for Illumina®: Focus Panel

Ampliseq for Illumina®: Comprehensive Panel Panel v3

Illumina® TruSeq® Stranded Total RNA (RiboZero)

Illumina® TruSeq® Stranded mRNA

Illumina® TruSeq® Nano DNA

Illumina® TruSeq® DNA PCR-Free

Illumina® TruSeq® Rapid Exome

Illumina® TruSeq® RNA Exome

Illumina® TruSeq® Custom Amplicon Low Input

Illumina® TruSight® HLA v2

Illumina® TruSight® Tumor 15

Illumina® TruSight® RNA Pan Cancer

Illumina® TruSight® RNA Fusion

Illumina® TruSight® Cancer/TruSight® Enrichment

Illumina® TruSight® Rapid Capture

Illumina® TruSight® One

Illumina® Nextera® XT DNA

Illumina® Nextera® Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment

Illumina® Nextera® DNA Flex

Illumina® Nextera® Flex for Enrichment

KAPA® HyperPrep

KAPA® mRNA HyperPrep

KAPA® HyperPlus


KAPA® Stranded RNA Seq

KAPA® Library Quant


The following kits have been integrated successfully in customers' workflows with the assistance of our automation experts. Many were modified and optimized to work with the individual situation, such as the epMotion 5075 NGS configuration, available accessories and consumable choices:

Illumina® Nextera® Rapid Capture Exome

Illumina® ForenSeq™

KAPA® RNA HyperPrep


KAPA® Ribo Erase

Agilent® HaloPlex®

Agilent® SureSelect® XT

New England Biolabs® NEBNext® Ultra

New England Biolabs® NEBNext® Ultra II

Qiagen® QIAseq FX

Qiagen® GeneRead™ Panel


Further NGS methods are in preparation.


Disclaimer: Methods are intended for molecular research applications. They are not intended, verified or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other human health conditions.

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