Seminar Details

Transgenic Animals - Micromanipulation Techniques

Target group:

Technicians and scientists interested in the generation of transgenic animals. Basic experience with eukaryotic cells and microscopy required.

Objective of seminar:

By the end of the course, participants should be able to perform injection into animal zygotes as well as transfer embryonic stem cells into 8-cell embryos and blastocysts using specific manipulators.

Content of seminar:

A – Microinjection techniques for transgenic mice:

  • DNA/RNA Microinjection into zygotes
  • Embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocysts
  • Piezo-assisted stem cell transfer into 8-cell stage embryos

 B – Theoretical and practical microscopy training:

  • This part of the training will be supported by Leica Microsystems

Starting date:
2019-03-27 - 9:00 am

Finish date:
2019-03-28 - 05:00 pm

Net price:
€ 800 (Academia and PhD Student), € 1000 Industry. Course is not subject to value added tax. excl. VAT

Dr. Sandra Stobrawa, Yvonne Petersen

Max attendees:
max. 8 participants


Miesto konania:
Heidelberg, Germany (In cooperation with EMBL)

This course will be held at the ATC in close cooperation with the EMBL in Heidelberg.

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