Seminar Details

Microinjection in Zebrafish and Medaka: From Transgenesis to CRISPR

Target group:

Research technicians and scientists interested in the generation of genetic modified fish models. Basic experience with molecular biology techniques is required.

Objective of seminar:

The aim of the course is to provide participants with hands-on tutorials and the theory behind microinjection into medaka and zebrafish. In addition, participants will learn to design CRISPR constructs.

Content of seminar:
  • Microinjection of lineage tracers into one-cell stage embryos
  • Co-injection of DNA and mRNA into one-cell stage embryos
  • Microinjection of CRISPR/Cas constructs
  • Targeted inactivation of pigment loci or genes of interest provided by applicants (medaka and zebrafish)
  • Homology directed repair in fish
  • Screening by imaging
  • High throughput, high content screening for successful events
  • Molecular validation of Crispr/Cas9 mediated indel formation

450 Euro (Academia and PhD Student), 800 Euro Industry

Starting date:
2019-07-02 - 9:00 a.m.

Finish date:
2019-07-04 - 04:00 p.m.

Net price:
€ 450,00 (Academia and PhD Sutdent), € 800 (Industry) excl. VAT

S. Stobrawa, J. Wittbrodt, E. Zielonka, T. Thumberger

Max attendees:
max. 8 participants


Miesto konania:
Heidelberg, Germany (In cooperation with EMBL)

This course will be held at the ATC in close cooperation with the EMBL in Heidelberg. It is possible to bring your own sample material; please contact the trainer in advance.

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