Smart Bioprocessing with the SciVario® twin Fermenter/Bioreactor Control System

Experience smart bioprocessing with the SciVario twin bioprocess controller control system and VisioNize®. They will help keeping track of your process, in and away from the lab.


Smartness in your bioreactor controller

The SciVario® twin is equipped with smart features providing the current status of all running processes, a guided workflow to assist with the setup of the process and charts to trend key data to monitor your process.



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SciVario twin display showing the left sided vessel control with key values and the right sided vessel with detailed values and settings.

Further benefits of the VisioNize®-onboard touch interface

Assisted guidance

Intelligent wizards guiding you through your processes including the execution of error prone procedures like calibrations and setting up control logics.

Risk mitigation

Critical process parameters on both units in parallel will be monitored including an interactive roadmap. Always keep track of all important parameters of both units at the same time.

Keep Track

Easy and fast reporting based on process records including data tracks, events, templates, and metainformation.


Transform Your SciVario twin into Smart Bioprocessing

By connecting your fermenter/bioreactor control system to the VisioNize Digital Lab Space you enjoy more peace of mind. Get notified about your process status and important events or if something requires your attention.

SciVario twin system with two fermenter vessels connected to several mobile devices using VisioNize


VisioNize monitoring

Know how your cells are performing when you’re away from the lab

When you left for the day, you might be wondering how your fermenters or bioreactors are running. Just to be sure, you may even go back to lab in the evening or during the weekend.

Knowing when to go back because your cells need your personal attention can now be done easily with VisioNize. The remote monitoring capabilities of VisioNize give you peace of mind at any time and from any location.

Two lab technicians looking at screen with VisioNize remotely connected to a SciVario twin bioreactor/fermenter control system


VisioNize notifications

When something is happening, be informed

Receive alarm messages from your controller from any location. Avoiding experiment failures, resulting in starting over the same run you were aiming to complete. You can respond to issues quickly when notifications are received on key events.
Be informed about events such as:

  • Speed set-point changed from 200 to 300 rpm
  • Temperature set-point changed from 32 to 29.5°C
Man looking at a mobile phone with VisioNize to check a SciVario twin bioreactor/fermenter control system


Man in the lab using laboratory monitoring system of VisioNize and a sign that says ´Subscribe now free of charge´.

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