Eppendorf twin.tec<sup>®</sup> PCR Plate 96 skirted

Eppendorf twin.tec® PCR Plate 96 skirted

Eppendorf® twin.tec PCR plates give you the advantages that come from combining two materials: the wells are manufactured from virgin polypropylene, the most successful material used for PCR tubes; polycarbonate, an especially rigid material, forms the plate deck and the skirt. This one-piece design is achieved by an innovative injection moulding process, twin-shot technology.

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Special product features

  • Minimal bending of skirts
  • Skirt for compatibility with automated systems
  • Skirts for imprinting and barcode indentification
  • Fits most thermal cyclers and the MegaBACE capillary sequencer
  • Within SBS footprint recommendations (127.76 ± 0.25 mm x 85.47 ± 0.25 mm)
  • Stackable
  • 8 holes in the skirt aid plate positioning and removal from the thermal cycler block
  • Low profile design for enhanced efficiency of PCR and enables the highest efficiency for small sample volumes
  • 150 µl max. well volume (when used with cap strips)
  • Autoclavable (121°C, 20 min)

Eppendorf PCR clean

  • Free of human DNA and PCR inhibitors
  • Free of DNase and RNase
  • Produced and packaged in clean-room environment
  • Certificates available at http://www.eppendorf.com

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