Eppendorf Promotions

Eppendorf Consumables Calendar: Your Online Promotion Schedule

The »Consumables Calendar« is your promotion schedule for Eppendorf consumables. Every second month new offers will make you save 25 % in the Eppendorf Austria eShop.

Until November 30, 2017 you can save with the following promotion code on the products listed below: CC2017
> Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mL
> Eppendorf LoBind® Plates
> Eppendorf twin.tec® PCR Plates and Eppendorf twin.tec® real-time PCR Plates
> PCR Tube Strips
> Eppendorf Conical Tubes

How to order the promotions of the »Consumables Calendar«:
> Go to www.eppendorf.com/myeppendorf and register online for the Eppendorf Austria eShop
   or visit us directly at www.eppendorf.com/eshop if you already have an account
> Add your desired products of the current promotion to the shopping cart
   TIP: Use the »Quick Order« function which can be found in the »Products« menu or directly
   in the shopping cart and order simply by entering the order number
> To profit from 25 % discount do not forget to use the promotion code
> Promotion code: CC2017

Please consider the respective promotional period of the individual offer. Only valid in the Eppendorf Austria eShop when the promotion code is applied at the time of order. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts from Eppendorf. No cash redemption.