The number of standards, guidelines and regulations that apply biological, diagnostic and industrial laboratories are constantly increasing and thus the need to provide proof of compliance with these requirements. 

All certificates provided for download on this website are divided into following categories:

How can I find the lot specific certificate I am looking for?

Depending on the purity grade of the Eppendorf plastic consumable product, we provide general quality certificates and lot specific certificates. Additionally, lot specific certificates can be obtained for Eppendorf plastic consumables with the purity grades Sterile, PCR clean, Biopur®, and Protein-free. For consumables in Eppendorf Quality, we provide General Quality Certificates, only.

  • The lot number is located on the label of the Eppendorf Consumable box.
  • This lot number starts with a single letter, followed by a series of six numbers, and ends with a single letter (as an example: "A123456B").
  • Enter the lot number into the box below for receiving the lot number specific certificate.

In case of further questions you may contact certificates@eppendorf.de