Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® – Cell Culture

Experience a new dimension in cell culture with Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables. In the development of the portfolio we put a special focus on your needs for excellent cell performance and reliability as well as for advanced protection against contamination.

Lids of CCC

Anti-rolling cap with corrugation for improved handling.


Innovative resealable and shrinkable product packaging for secure and space-saving storage.

OptiTrack Matrix

A high-contrast alphanumeric labeling of the wells enables an up t0 30% faster well identification and less pipetting errors

Rim of dishes

The corrugated handling ring of the dishes provides extra safe handling and transport of cells in the workflow.

Color code of serological pipettes

A volume-specific color-code of the serological pipettes as well as their wrapping enables easy and fast selection of the correct  and needed volume.

Packaging of serological pipettes

Special packaging concepts enable easy opening, removal and stacking of package boxes besides the Biological Safety Cabinet.