Welcome to Digital Lab Solutions

We believe, that digital transformation is a game changer, enabling us to focus on the high value tasks by efficiently supporting the day-to-day duties. The combination of latest Internet-of-Things technology, data analytics methods and superior manufacturing capabilities will improve the impact of your lab. Learn more about how you can evolve yourself and your lab with our digital solutions for device management and lab information management.

One step further towards your future lab.

Two laboratory technicians using laboratory software remotely on their portable devices.

Digital companions: Enabling you to make the most out of every lab day with intuitive lab software solutions.

If you are familiar with Eppendorf instruments, you know that we put all our efforts and extensive experience into every device to support you and your lab with every step you take. We develop lab instruments which come with smart onboard functions to help you and your lab stay ahead. And not only that - We look beyond your lab instruments.

Lab Device Monitoring

Two laboratory technicians with PCR and VisioNize

Lab Information Management

Laboratory technician using flexible software solutions for efficient information management on his mobile device.