Our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Open questions about VisioNize®? In this list, we collected the most frequent questions and their answers and hope you find what you are looking for. If not, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

What is VisioNize?

VisioNize is a monitoring, data-logging, and data-storage system for use in laboratories as a networked information- and data-management system. The VisioNize group of products consists of three components: VisioNize core, VisioNize box, and VisioNize go

What is VisioNize core?

VisioNize core is a client-server software comprising modules that run on standard off-the-shelf personal or business computers and servers that run standard operating systems. 

What is VisioNize box?

VisioNize box is a hardware hub to connect selected Eppendorf devices. The hub works as a data decoding and translation system and enables device data to be collected in VisioNize core. 

What is VisioNize go?

VisioNize go is an iOS app to check connected devices using a mobile device. Find out more here.

What does VisioNize do?

The system makes it possible to organize information collected from connected laboratory devices, provide different views of the data, manage documents, and distribute the data to connected clients over the central data server VisioNize core.

Why do I need VisioNize?


  • Improve the quality of your work. 
  • Monitor your 24/7 devices and ensure they run within set parameters. 
  • Work more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Organize and store relevant documents on a central data server. 
  • Increase safety. 
  • Group connected instruments by maintenance date and review their maintenance status. 
  • Obtain e-mail notifications if an alarm occurs

Why is VisioNize unique?

VisioNize is the first comprehensive, easy-to-use solution of its kind and fills the gap between lab devices and lab documentation. The unified interface design provides end users with a consistent experience across platforms and products, thereby simplifying operations.

Who uses VisioNize?

VisioNize provides support to a broad range of lab users such as researchers and lab managers. Click here for further information on various application examples. 

What do you need to use VisioNize?

  1. Eppendorf laboratory device* 
  2. VisioNize core software installed on a server PC
  3. Any computer or iOS mobile device with a browser (VisioNize operation is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome)


 *If the laboratory device is not equipped with a VisioNize touch interface, a VisioNize box is necessary

Which laboratory devices does VisioNize support?

VisioNize supports all Eppendorf devices with a VisioNize touch interface (=VisioNize-onboard devices) and many other Eppendorf devices that do not have built-in connectivity (=VisioNize-qualified devices). Check all connectable Eppendorf devices here

How do I connect a laboratory device to VisioNize core?

This is really easy! Just directly connect your device to your network or connect them using the VisioNize box (e.g., using Ethernet). VisioNize core usually finds connected devices automatically. Note: Have a look at the the following animation. 

What client devices can run VisioNize?

You can access VisioNize core (the web frontend) from any device that supports HTML5 and JavaScript. VisioNize is browser based and optimized for Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Can I monitor my connected laboratory devices from my home?

You can access VisioNize and thus your connected devices from anywhere in the world. All you need is to be connected and have access to the same network as your devices (e.g., over VPN). Ask your IT department for more detailed information.

I have many users in my lab. Can they all have access to VisioNize?

Yes, of course! VisioNize offers a comprehensive user-management function. Multiple users can be connected to the network and be assigned to different levels of access.

Is VisioNize secure?

VisioNize uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol. This means that all communications, including data transfer between your browser and the website, are encrypted. Additionally, no passwords are sent using plain text. VisioNize also provides the user with a default certificate for HTTPS. This certificate can also be replaced with a company certificate by the user if desired.

How safe is my data?

All data is stored on the user’s local server installations and follows the user's standard operating procedure regarding backups. For this reason, you may want to make arrangements with your IT department to ensure your data is backed up periodically for safekeeping.

What kind of documents can I upload to VisioNize core?

As a data- and information-management system, VisioNize can be used to store work-relevant documents. You can upload any type of file to VisioNize, which is able to display the following types of files: text (plain or HTML), mp4, ogg, pdf, jpg, and png.

Do I need training to work with VisioNize?

Thanks to the VisioNize system’s intuitive design training is generally unnecessary. However, if you do require support, please contact us. We would be happy to assist. 

In which countries is VisioNize available?

At the moment, VisioNize is available for users in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. For other countries, please contact us directly.

Which languages are available?

VisioNize is currently available in English.

When will VisioNize be available in other countries?

Please contact us to receive this information directly or continue to check our website regularly.

What plans lie ahead for VisioNize?

Because we take a long-term view, your investment in the VisioNize system (devices, software, and app) is sustainable: We are continuously working on creating new features dedicated to improving lab management, increasing safety, and boosting efficiency. Our mission is to ease your workload in the lab. Upcoming devices will be progressively equipped with connectivity and touch interfaces. Our goal is to support the integration of all Eppendorf instruments in this world.